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Welcome to the "Sound File Collections"


These sound files are recordings made many years ago and have been converted to Internet Sound files for your listening enjoyment. This is an opportunity to go back into the history of our ship.

A.  Below are a List of Sound Files. click on the "SPEAKER" graphic to play the file.
B.  These are very LARGE files, stand by for Long "Download Wait Times".
C.  Each file should play automatically, all you have to do is click on the speaker graphic and wait.
D.  If you have problems, see the "
Problem with sound file" section below.


Click on speaker to start sound files playing from your browser. Click on "Down load" Icon to copy these files to your PC's Hard drive.

Dexter Goad Sound Files
Sound files recorded and converted to Internet Format by Dexter Goad FTGC/Fox. Served on the NN from 11/66 to 10/69.
To leave a comment for Dexter, please go to:

My Love Of Thunder

dex1067.mp3 561K
Dexter made and narrated this recording in Oct. 1967, during the first Viet Nam cruise of the USS Newport News. The recording was done during a Gun Fire Support (GFS) mission. and was taped from the sound-powered phone circuit between Plot and the Turrets.. Dexter gives a good description of what is going on.

dex1267.mp3 880K
Comments from Captain McCarty just after a combat situation on Dec. 1967 where the North Viets were firing at the USS Newport News and the USS McCormick. The Captain gives detail account of what all happened. This is a very interesting talk from the Captain.

dex126701.mp3 166K
Date of file is Dec 1st, 1967. Captain McCarty informs the crew of the scheduled strikes for that night with the USS Colette and the HMAS Perth. The Perth was later hit by coastal defense sites while working with Thunder on another strike.

dex0368.mp3 140K
This file was recorded from the Spotter Radio Net in March 68 off the DMZ. It demonstrates the complexity and coordination required between land, sea and air units during a "routine" Gun Fire Support Mission.
Dextor's Sound Page
Dexter's Sound Page

For a Lot more sound files, Go to Dexter Goad's Sound Page At,

Click on speaker to start sound files playing from your browser. Click on "Down load" Icon to copy these files to your PC's Hard drive.

Bob Lester Sound Files
Sound files recorded Newt Robinson; ICC/E Division; Served from 08/71/ to 06/75  
and converted to Internet Format by
Bob Lester
BT-3/ B-Division, boiler room #2. Served on the NN from 12/70 to 07/74.

This is a Combat recording of the USS Newport News clearing out Haiphong Harbor, Viet Nam, August 27, 1972 and was attacked by 3 PT boats.

ptgq.mp3  27KB
Call to general Quarters
This is a nice short test file to see if your browser will play MP3 files. If you get a error message or if you do not hear any sounds, see
instructions below.
File Name - ptgq.mp3;   Size 27KB; Play time 13 Seconds;

ptaction1.mp3   963KB
Part 1
ptaction2.mp3   182KB
Part 2

Recording of the combat between the NN and 3 PT boats. 
Pretty exciting stuff here.
Some pretty intense sailors on this recording.
Stand by for some rough language.
Part 1 of 2; File Name - ptaction1.mp3; Size 963KB -  Play time 17 Minutes
Part 2 of 2; File Name - ptaction2.mp3; Size 182 KB -  Play time 3 Minutes
ptcaptain.mp3   355KB Recording of the Captain Zartman's talk to the crew after the above Combat was over. A good description of what happened.
Name - ptcaptain.mp3;  Size 355 KB -  Play time 6 Minutes

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions
Having Problems with the Sound Files?

Problem - "I am new at this Internet stuff. I don't know how to Download and Run the Program."

    If clicking on the above Links did not work for you, and you have No knowledge on how to do "Download and Run files" then I would recommend you avoid this page for now until you get instructions from someone. If you are "brave of heart" see instructions below on how to install the needed software.

Problem - "The MP3 Files Won't play."

    MP3 files require that your browser has a plug-in that will play these kind of sound files. Most current versions of MSIE and Netscape have these types of plug-in's already installed. If yours does not, you should take a few minutes to add good audio player plug-in to your browser.

Problem - "It Takes too Long to download file to Browser."
With Older PC on Slow modems, this will be a major Problem. If you have a 28k baud modem, you can expect up to a 5 minute download time on some of those bigger files. The same file even with a 56K modem, tuned up for maximum speed will take up to 3 minutes. But if you have a "Cable direct" or ISDN, that same file will only take less than 1 minutes to download.


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