USS Newport News Museum
and Memorial Foundation

Aboard The USS Salem CA-139

"To help keep the memory of our beloved ship alive".

Learn about the extensive operations it took to make it happen, and the work parties who took on a 'Labor of Love' over an 8 year period to produce a World Class Museum supported soley by donations from people like you, and sales from our Ships Store
(a California non-profit organization)

'Official' Ship Store Is Open!

PLEASE do yourself a favor, and help 'Keep The Memories Alive' as well by purchasing ALL of your USS Newport News (CA-148) merchandise from our Ships Store and not on the internet at some other 3rd party website that has absolutly NO connection to our Association. All of the monies received through the sale of Authentic NN products goes to support the USS Newport News (CA-148)
Museum and Memorial Foundation
Visit our 'Official Ship Store' Today!

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