USS Newport News

2015 Reunion Preliminary Information

From: Jim Peden via Facebook, August 5, 2014

General Reunion 2015 update: We're still tweaking the expenses to determine what our final reunion registration fee will be, but this much we do know at present:
The reunion will be held in Long Beach, California, aboard the RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Queen Mary. Our reunion committee has visited the ship, and it is a truly amazing experience to be aboard. The "official" reunion dates are May 14-17 ( Thur - Sun ),

Thursday (14th) is check-in, mixer in the hospitality suite.

Friday is traditionally tour day, in this case, the Queen Mary is an amazing tour in itself, and portable headsets for a self-guided tour will be provided.

Saturday we will bus to the nearby battleship USS Iowa BB61, where we will lunch, tour the ship, and have a memorial ceremony.

Saturday night is our traditional formal dinner and dance, aboard the Queen Mary.

Sunday is check-out and head for home day.

However.... the L.A. area is such an interesting place, with many world famous attractions, shipmates are advised to make a real vacation out of the trip to the west coast, come early, stay late, or both. We've arranged for our special discount price to be available for 3 days before and 3 days after the "official" reunion days. This may well be the best reunion ever... we can't overemphasize how amazing the Art Deco Queen Mary is... with the world's largest collection of rare woods in one location. The interior is wood paneled from stem to stern, and is a marvel to tour.

So make your plans for May of 2015 to include a fabulous west coast vacation and bunking aboard a WWII troop transport known as the "Grey Ghost".... which still has a pair of 40 MM AA guns aboard as a reminder. In terms of reunion habitats, it simply doesn't get much better than this.....
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From: Jim Peden via Facebook, August 25, 2014

Regarding rates on the Queen Mary. They offer a wide range of accommodations, ranging from the least expensive ( inside cabin ) to smaller outside cabins ( has porthole view ) on up to some pretty luxurious suites. When we visited the Queen, Bob Freeman and I shared a suite that had an attached "maid's quarters"... a separate cabin for the hired help ( where I slept while Bob occupied the master cabin with the portholes.) That kind of room would be perfect for anyone bringing kids or grandchildren along.

We'll shortly be getting a link to the Queen Mary Registration system, and will post it when available. As always, it's best to reserve your cabin early, the Queen Mary is VERY popular and our allotment is rather small. We'll keep you posted.....