USS Newport News CA-148
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Here you will find some excellent USS Newport News CA-148 website dedications created by former Crewmembers as well as personal website's created by former Crewmembers. If you have created a website dedicated to "THUNDER" or a personal website and would like it posted here contact our webmaster.

** please note that some of these websites may not be current or may have been discontinued / deleted by the author since our website was updated.

USS Newport News CA-148

Shipmates USS Newport News Websites

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  • Ray Kopp's Book "Thunder in the Night" - Ray Kopp, who was a member of the CR division during the 1972 Vietnam cruise, has written a wonderful book about the USS Newport News. The book tells the story of what we all felt being in combat situations and living aboard a military combat ship during wartime. This Book is highly recommend to anyone interested in Navy History. This is a "Must Read book for anyone who served on the USS NN during any of the Vietnam cruises. READ MORE
  • Dexter Goad's 'My Love of Thunder' Web Site - Dexter served on the USS Newport News on 2 different Periods, First from 1961 -1964 and then again from 1966 - 1969. Dexter was a Chief Petty Officer in charge of the Main Battery Fire Control Equipment that controlled the aiming and firing of the big 8in guns. This web page has some great pictures of the NN that can not be found anywhere else on the Internet. READ MORE
  • Carl Cole's USS Newport News Information - This is Carl Cole's "Vietnam Trip Website". At the top middle of the page you'll find "Thunder Research" a wonderful source of information about the USS Newport News. Deck Logs, Deployment Records, Ship's plans plus a ton of other subjects of interest to our crew. READ MORE
  • Jim Peden's Thunder Site - Jim has some good information about the weapons department and systems an the NN. I f you want to make a contribution to the information on the web about the NN here is your chance. READ MORE
  • W.C. (Bill) Gowacki's website "Call Sign" THUNDER - This is Bill Gowacki's "Call Sign" THUNDER web site. Lots of information about the USS Newport News on this site. Bill served on the USS Newport News CA-148 from Jan. '73 to June '75 as a Gunners Mate assigned to Turret #3, and was also a member of the Decom. Crew. READ MORE
  • Servy's USS Newport News Web Site - Servando Pardo's collection of "Old Thunder's" History during the 1972 tour of Viet Nam. The article "A memoir and a Prayer" is a touching Memorial the Oct 1, 72 Explosion and must be read by anyone who served on the NN during this Disaster. Servy's articles will Touch your heart and bring back many memories. READ MORE

USS Newport News (CA-148)

Shipmates Personal Websites

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  • Neil R. Gordon - Web site for Neil's company. Neil was aboard from '70 to '72. READ MORE
  • W.C. (Bill) Gowacki "Husband-Father-Veteran" - Bill's personal web site. Bill was on board from Jan. '73 to June '75. READ MORE
  • Ray Kopp - Ray Kopp, Author of the book, “Thunder in the Night, a Sailor's Perspective on Vietnam”. A book about the USS Newport News in Combat. More information about his book can be found on his web site. READ MORE
  • William (Joe) Mackey - Joe's personal page. Joe served on NN '69 - '71.  READ MORE
  • James A Peden - Welcome to my personal web turf! Jim was aboard from '60 to '62.  READ MORE
  • Tom Ryals - Tom's Television Production company website. Tom was aboard '67 - '69, The first two Viet Nam tours. READ MORE

Other Link's Of Interest

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  • - Good search engine for finding military people. Many other good features. The free membership to brings you many great features that former and current military people will enjoy 
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall - Dedicated to providing the most up to date and accurate information regarding the Names on The Wall in Washington DC. Every effort is made to display the info in the dignified manner that it deserves. Looking for some old friends who did not make it back to the world with you? Here is a data base of those names listed on "The Wall" Viet Nam Memorial. Database is in alphabetical order and is broken down by Name, Rank, Branch of Service, City, State, Date of birth, Date of Incident, and panel and line numbers corresponding to the Wall.
  • VetFriends - This site is set up to assist in locating veterans of all services and all eras.
  • Naval and maritime web links - A great collection of Naval & Maritime Web Sites provided by the US Naval & Shipbuilding Museum Online (hasn't been updated for some time)
  • US Military Medals - Need to replace a lost medal or ribbon? Well, this site can get you what you need. 
  • US Navy Cruiser Sailors Association - Organization for all who served onboard any US Navy Cruiser.
  • US Navy Official Website - Just about anything you want to know about the modern Navy can be found here. Contains links to all active Naval units web sites.
  • Sea Cadets, NH (USS Newport News) - Web Site for the Concord New Hampshire Sea Cadets, USS Newport News (CA-148) Division. The best youth leadership program available. Here you'll find general information about the unit and our activities as well as copies of our press releases. While we also use this site to keep unit members and their families informed about unit activities and training topics, it's open to the public, so please feel free to explore.
  • Mesothelioma & Veterans - Every branch of the military used asbestos products during the 20th century, causing high rates of mesothelioma among veterans today. Veterans who develop mesothelioma because of military asbestos exposure can file for VA benefits and other forms of compensation to help pay for treatment and out-of-pocket expenses.

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