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Web Site Map; Showing you what is available and who takes care of each section of our web site.

Welcome to the Audio/Video Page
for the
USS NEWPORT NEWS / Heavy Cruiser  CA-148

Most of the movies and sound files on the following pages
 were created by Dexter Goad, FTCM / Fox Division. 
Dexter served on the USS Newport News from 04/61 to 05/64
and then again from 11/66 to 10/69. 

Make sure you visit his web page at
for more movies, sound files and a lot of
great history of the USS Newport News.

"How does he do it?" 8mm Film is projected into one end of an Image Box.
A Video Camera on the other end converts the Image into a Video signal
  which is converted into a Digital signal.   The Digital information is edited
by computer and saved as a digital movie file.                                            

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