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USS Newport News Memorial
Wisconsin Square - Norfolk, Virginia
The Lone Sailor Statue, Commemorative Memorial Plaques
and the USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

On May 25, 2002, the City of Norfolk, Virginia and the US Navy Memorial Foundation dedicated the Wisconsin Square in honor of Norfolk Based ships that suffered an event, since World War II, that resulted in a significant loss of life, including the October 1, 1972 explosion  on the USS Newport News.

Representing the USS Newport News during the dedication were two members of the USS Newport News Reunion Association: Franklin (Rags) Ragland, past president of the NNRA and Chuck Zendner, USS Newport News Web Site Administrator.

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Page 1 Pictures and information about the Wisconsin Square, Norfolk VA.
Page 2 Memorial Stone dedicated to the October 1, 1972 explosion on the USS Newport News. (CA-148) .
Page 3 Pictures of the dedication service
Page 4 Miscellaneous pictures of the event
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