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Web Site Map; Showing you what is available and who takes care of each section of our web site.

Welcome to the Special Features Page
for the
USS NEWPORT NEWS / Heavy Cruiser  CA-148

This page contains links to "Special Feature" items pertaining to the USS
Newport News that don't fit into any of the normal Home Page categories.

This page will be updated periodically as new items are obtained so please check back regularly.

Last Updated On: April 1, 2013


From VIETNAM Magazine, April 1991. A really great article, by Lawrence M. Greenberg, chronicling the role of the USS Newport News during the Vietnam War. Known as the "Grey Ghost of the East Coast," the 8-inch guns of the USS Newport News could put out the Fire. Entire article as it appears in the magazine.



From the U.S. Naval Institute, Proceedings Magazine - October 2012 Vol. 138/10/1,316. This article gives a detailed account of the events leading up to, during and after the Turret Two Explosion of 1 October 1972. It also pays tribute to our shipmates who lost their lives as a result of that terrible event. A must read.



This is the official report from the investigation into the event that caused the T2 explosion of October 1, 1972. This report was copied from the "Navy Yard Historical Center" by shipmate Mike Lanier. Mike gave it a permanent home in our History Pages so that all could see. Many shipmates don't know it's available so we thought we'd give it a special link.



A 42 page article, with pictures about the USS Newport News CA-148 from the pages of "Warship International Magazine, No. 4 1972". Permission to post this historic article has been granted by the International Naval Research Organization (INRO). They are always looking for new members and you can apply here: INRO



Complete copy of the 40 page Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company Shipyard Bulletin March-April, 1947. It contains an article and pictures of the launching of the USS Newport News CA-148.



Chapter 17 from the book "Aircraft Carriers At War". This chapter describes the USS Newport News participation in "Operation Lion's Den" Haipong Harbor Vietnam.



Miscellaneous USS Newport News Photographs. These are photos of the USS Newport News that are too small to be "Pictures Of The Month" and too diverse to be in individual collections. Some are submitted by shipmates, some are submitted by sailors from other ships, some by civillians and some I've purchased from Ebay.



"Dance With The Lady". A USS Newport News rememberance by Gary P. McIntyre GMG2 Turret#3 60-63.



An article about the USS Newport News that appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of the U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association magazine. Submitted by John Reynolds ETN3 '61-'63.


This area contains various publication about the USS Newport News or produced on board like the "Rapid Fire" and "Thunderbolt".

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