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Listen to sound and see video of life aboard the USS Newport News, including recordings of our ship in Combat
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This is where you will find information on your former shipmates.
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Up & coming events for the "Three Sister Ships";  USS Newport News, USS Salem, USS Des Moines
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Over 120 web pages covering the 26 year history of the USS Newport News
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Information about the USS Newport News Mailing list, and USS Newport News Newsletter membership.
Web pages dedicated to those who lost their life while serving on the USS Newport News.
Want to build a model of the USS Newort News? Here is a collection of information to get you going.
USS Newport News Museum and Memorial Foundation; dedicated to help keep the memory of our ship alive.
Pictures of our Ship and crew over the years gone by.
Information on our next USS NN Reunion and memories of past Reunions.
USS Newport News Ship's Store, Great Place to shop. Large selection of products.
Web Site Map; Showing you what is available and who takes care of each section of our web site.
Web Site Map; Showing you what is available and who takes care of each section of our web site.
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History of our web site

In June 1996, Chuck Zendner made a web site showing the Radio Controlled model he made of the USS Newport News. At that time, there were almost no web pages on the topic of the USS Newport News on the Internet. So anyone looking for information (Search engines) on our ship would bring up the web pages for this model of our ship. Shipmates would email Chuck saying, "Hey, I served on that ship too". Chuck started collecting email address and name of former shipmates.

In early 1997, we started a mailing list and began visiting with each other by email as a group. The mailing list grew at a very fast rate and in June of 1997, we decided to make a web page dedicated to our ship.

These shipmates on this mailing list collected up old pictures of the ship, history information and put the web page out on to the Internet. Other shipmates found the web site and sent their names in to be added to the crew’s list and email list. They also sent more historical information, more ideas for the web site and more pictures.

February 8, 2011. After a few months of conversion work, the USS Newport News web site moves to a new server with more space and advanced features. Gary W. Palmer is called forward to take over as Web Master for the site. We all thank Chuck Zendner for his 13 years of service as Web Master. Because of him and others, we keep the memories of the USS Newport News alive. Bravo Zulu Chuck!

Today, the USS NEWPORT NEWS Web Site is the largest web site on the Internet dedicated to a specific ship. It has also won more Internet Site Awards than any "Navy Related" web site on the Internet. (See our awards page at )

With features like Reunion information, an extensive history of the ship, a ton of pictures of both the ship and crew, A mailing list with over 1,400 former crew members to keep in touch with their shipmates, A chat room for real time visiting, A memorial page for crew members who gave their lives while serving on the USS Newport News, Home Movies of life aboard your ship and sound files of the USS Newport News in Battle. Plus a ship's store stocked with all the goodies an old sailor wants for Christmas.

The success (and fun) of this web site is because a lot of people dedicating their time, energy, ideas and money into the project. If you would like to become a participating member of this web page, take a look below at how you can help. 

How you get involved as an active member of our web site.

Help Wanted

Webmasters Needed!
We are always looking for new webmasters to add their talent and time to our web site. Those of us who maintain this web site have a lot of fun together and receive much enjoyment from our web creations and from working with the other NN Webmasters. If you would like to become a Webmaster for the USS NEWPORT NEWS WEB SITE, Please let us know. 
Send email to Gary Palmer. 

No one person makes decisions about the growth and direction of the USS NN Website. All decisions are made by the USS NN Webmaster group. This includes subjects of cost and how the donations made by our shipmates will be spent.

Financial Help

Our web site resides on a "Web Hosting Service" which provides us 1.5 Giga Bytes of disk space to support our almost 300 web pages on our web site. Our Internet server is connected to the Internet with a very fast server with a Multiple OC~3 (155 megabit/second) Connection. We have unlimited POP Mailing accounts and a lot of other features not offered by a normal Web Hosting Company.

In the past, whenever the USS NN Webmasters had to make a decision on whether to save money, or to go ahead and spend the money for a first class Internet Service, we have always voted towards making everything about our web site professional quality. We are able to provide top quality Internet servers and performance because of your donations made to our web site.

Each time we have ran out of disk space for our web site because of it's growth, the USS NN webmaster group needed to decide to either start deleting web pages, pictures, movie files, sound files and other features, or to go ahead and spend the extra money for more disk space. Because of your generous donations, we have never been required to delete any web pages or features. We have been able to expand the web site to meet the yearly growth of web pages and features.

We moved to our present web hosting service on February 8, 2011. The cost for hosting the USS Newport News Web site is $4.50 a month. The reason it's so inexpensive is we received a really good deal by buying 3 years of service for $162.00 ($54 per year). This is a real savings considering our previous service cost of $50.00 per month or $600.00 per year.

Any of you who wish to donate financial support of this web can send your checks to

Gary W. Palmer
608 E. Muriel Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Or if you have questions you can email me at Gary Palmer.  

I have provided an "Income and Expense" summary that shows donations, expenses, and current balance to avoid too much cash flow coming in. We just need to make the monthly payments, we don't need profit or a savings account. Don't sell the family silver to get a donation together! We are not desperate, just looking for a little help.

Thanks, Gary W. Palmer,
USS Newport News Web Site Administrator

Financial Donations History

I will see to it that the bills get paid every month even if no one sends donations. Any of you who wish to get that wonderful feeling from donating $5, $10, $?? a year to the support of this web site now has the opportunity to send your checks to

Gary W. Palmer
608 E. Muriel Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85022

Or if you have questions you can email me at Gary Palmer. 

To see Financial statements,
Click on the option below to view that history reports. Please note that a new financial statements (for 2011 and beyond) will be posted soon.


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