USS Newport News CA-148

"Through The Years 1949-1975"

Underway into Harm's Way for a Final Time

April through December 1972

Admiral Charles K. Duncan, CINCLANTFLT, visited from 1355 to 1415 on April 13th. COMSECONDFLT hauled down his flag and departed ship at 1420. NEWPORT NEWS was underway at 1552.

The ship was enroute to Pearl Harbor via the Panama Canal until the 17th at 0450 when she entered Cristobal, Panama Canal Zone. Captains Robert Mink, Director of Marine, and Robert Norman, Chief Navigation Division, boarded the ship for canal transit. NEWPORT NEWS moored at South Side Pier 1, US NAVSTA RODMAN, at 1249 for refueling. In early evening she departed the canal. April 24th the ship chopped to COMFIRSTFLT. Two days later she moored port side to Berth M-1, m-2, Merry Point, US NAVSTA PEARL HARBOR at 0845. During the day firings, deployment preparations and refueling highlighted NEWPORT NEWS' activity. At 1420 the cruiser departed for Guam. 1 May was lost due to crossing the International Dateline.

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