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Liberty Call - Ashore With Ray Woodall
1966 And 1967

The Photos on this Page were contributed by Ray Woodall.  These were taken in the Caribbean and North Atlanta - 1966 and 1967.

Moon Lit Night and a Memory to take home.

06_MoonLIght_Caribbean_1966_Web.jpg (72785 bytes)


Preparing to go Ashore

11_Liberty_Boat_1966_Web.jpg (59439 bytes)

Ray Prepares to Take NEWPORT NEWS by Force while in St. Thomas

08_RWoodall_St_Thomas_1966_Web.jpg (49089 bytes)


Boy, the Queen sure knows how to build a Castle
London Tower and Tower Bridge

03_RWoodall_Tower_of_London_1966_Web.jpg (86208 bytes)



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