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Commanding Officers



Rank Name Assumed Command Relieved
Captain R. Smoot Jan. 1949 Nov. 1949
Captain J. S. Laidlaw Nov. 1949 Sep. 1950
Captain E. N. Parker Sep. 1950 Jul. 1951
Captain W. G. Cooper Jul. 1951 Jul. 1952
Captain W. H. Price Jul. 1952 Jun. 1953
Captain E. K. Van Swearingen Jun. 1953 Jun. 1954
Captain R. P. Davis Jun. 1954 Jun. 1955
Captain D. L. Whelchel Jun. 1955 Jan. 1957
Captain W. S. Post Jan. 1957 Jan. 1958
Captain A. J. Hill Jan. 1958 Feb. 1959
Captain J. D. Ferguson Feb. 1959 Jul. 1959
Captain J. V. Smith Jul. 1959 Jul. 1960
Captain F. G. Bennett Jul. 1960 Jul. 1961
Captain T. K. Kimmel Jul. 1961 Jul. 1962
Captain R. H. Bowers Jul. 1962 Sep. 1963
Captain R. F. DuBois Sep. 1963 Aug. 1964
Captain R. D. Quinn Aug. 1964 Aug. 1965
Captain T. L. Balis Aug. 1965 Oct. 1966
Captain L. C. McCarty Oct. 1966 Feb. 1968
Captain E. K. Snyder Feb. 1968 Aug. 1969
Captain J. E. Bonds Aug. 1969 Mar. 1971
Captain W. F. Zartman Mar. 1971 May 1973
Captain R. T. Kelly May 1973 Dec. 1974
Captain R. R. Briner Dec. 1974 Jun. 1975
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