USS Newport News CA-148

"Through The Years 1949-1975"

This Photo donated by Lowell Griffin who was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale

NN In Ft. Lauderdale 1959

This Photo donated by Lowell Griffin who was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale in 1959! *see note below

This spring (2005) when my new neighbor in Illinois heard my wife and me talking about attending the USS NEWPORT NEWS Reunion, he got this funny look on his face and said "Come here a minute."
He had been scanning and organizing all his slides from long ago into his computer and proceeded to show us a vacation picture from when he was in college! He had seen a "beautiful Navy ship" tied to the pier in Ft. Lauderdale and took this picture. He thinks it was taken during his Spring break on '59, but the slide is dated Jan 1959.
Since he had just scanned it into his computer that morning he made the connection when I said "CA-148." We told him we would see if we could find anyone out there who has additional information about this picture. Who? What? Why? When? and Where?
We thought this was great... Talk about Six Degrees of Separation and Timing! If anyone can help us with more Info just e-mail or call and we'll get back to you.
Mike Lanier HM2 1967-69

From 23 - 27 January she cruised to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with RADM Parks embarked, and received thousands of visitors while at this port. Captain J.D. Ferguson relieved Captain A.J. Hill as Commanding Officer on 12 February and four days later NEWPORT NEWS joined in "Operation Springboard" in the Caribbean. Weekend liberty was enjoyed in San Juan before returning to "Operation Springboard". She returned to Norfolk on 3MAR for a two-day stay. She then cruised north to visit New York on March 6th. Thousands of visitors swarmed aboard the heavy cruiser before she left on the 9th.

On 16MAR NEWPORT NEWS left Norfolk for Mayport, Florida where she was host to the American Ordnance Association Convention, taking Convention members along with pressmen on a short excursion to see a missile-firing demonstration by the USS BOSTON (CAG-1). Returning to NOB on 20MAR she was then host ship for Commander Cruiser Force, Atlantic, Change of Command ceremonies on 1 April. RADM J. McNay Taylor relieved RADM L.S. Parks of this post. NEWPORT NEWS entered Norfolk Naval Shipyard on 2 April for her regular triennial overhaul. On 18 July 1959 Captain J.V. Smith relieved Captain J.D. Ferguson. Completing her overhaul on 1 August, NEWPORT NEWS began refresher training in the Caribbean. A relaxing weekend of recreational activities was spent at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from 14 to 16 August.

From September through November she conducted exercises in the Atlantic. This included ISE operations off the Virginia Capes, LANTFLEX-3-59, TRALEX-4-59 and more ISE exercises. On 25NOV NEWPORT NEWS became flagship for Commander Cruiser Division TWO and Rear Admiral I.J. Galantin assumed this command on 30 November. The remainder of 1959 was spent in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in preparation for her tenth tour of duty with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean.

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