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Visitor_Name: matthew
Where_From: Ausralia
Date: 01/17/06
Time: 02:40 PM


surfing the net


Great resource!

Visitor_Name: Michael Curtis
Date: 12/22/05   Time: 10:02 PM
How_find_us:   Wweb search
Comments:   I served on the NN from 1971-1972 and did the NATO and 'Nam cruise.

Visitor_Name: Joe B. Lentz, CDR USN (Ret)
Date: 12/20/05   Time: 06:41 PM
Served on USS Newport News CA-148 1959-62 SN-ET2 Bay of Pigs, the first time I saw grown men cry. Haiti, moving from one dictator to another. Agadir, first experience with large scale death. Venice, fleet sailors fear no one. Albania, defined ELINT for me. Set my career path.

Visitor_Name: David Engle
Where_From: Ocean Springs , MS.
Date: 12/19/05   Time: 08:11 PM
How_find_us:   Crusing the net
Comments:   To all, sorry, I made a mistake on my E-mail address, would like to hear form all, thanks.

Visitor_Name: Kenneth Johnson
Where_From: Saratoga, CA
Date: 12/16/05   Time: 12:59 AM
How_find_us:   Search engine
Comments:   I was a third class midshipman serving my first training cruise August 4, 1951. We put in at Boston, Halifax, and Gitmo. Had a great time, but didn't care much for holy-stoning. High point of the cruise was towing the Wisconsin

Visitor_Name: miles talbott
Where_From: Vincennes Indiana
Date: 12/15/05   Time: 08:31 AM
How_find_us: search
Comments::   Served aboard from 72 to 75

Visitor_Name: Ashlee-Jean E.
Where_From: Wisconsin
Date: 12/13/05   Time: 06:51 AM

My family and I attended the 2003 Memorial. My uncle was one of the 20 killed in the 1972 explosion - Jeffrey Scheller.

I think it's wonderful that this website is up and running! I'm so glad that we have this and can keep in touch with the other families!

Visitor_Name: Bryan Sinkbeil
Where_From: Surprise, AZ
Date: 12/12/05   Time: 08:44 PM
Web search
Good afternoon everyone! To first state I was a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman from 1984 to 1989 and was proud to serve. Second and foremost. On Friday, Dec. 09th I was informed that my Great Uncle Edwin Krueger passed away at the age of 81. He served on the Newport News in the late 40's and early 50's. To Uncle Ed!! Fair winds and calm seas on your journey to God. Here is a little of his obituary: Edwin Andrew Kreuger, son of John and Emma (Engel) Kreuger was born on December 20, 1923 in Milltown, SD. He grew up in and received his education in Kaylor, SD. In the early 1930’s, Edwin along with his brother moved to Detroit, MI where he worked at the Ford Motor Company. Edwin was drafted in March of 1943 and served in the United States Navy, serving on the USS Wasp, an aircraft carrier, the USS Newport News, a destroyer and the USS Toledo. Edwin received an honorable discharge from the United States Navy. Following his discharge he returned to Detroit and continued working for a short time before moving to Sioux Falls. Edwin was united in marriage with Mariam Aleck on January 28, 1967 in Sioux Falls. He worked at the Wilson Terminal Warehouse and at Jostens before working at Gage Bros. Concrete for 30 years. At Gage Bros. he drove truck, was the mixer manager and custodian of the building. He retired in 1986. Edwin was a member of the Harrisburg United Methodist Church and the VFW Post 628 in Sioux Falls. In his earlier years he enjoyed hunting, and Edwin enjoyed spending time fishing with his sons. Grateful for having shared his life are his sons, Thomas Kreuger, Harrisburg, SD, Greg Kreuger, Lincoln, NE; and numerous nieces and nephews. In addition to his wife, Mariam, his parents, two brothers, Albert Kreuger, Rynald Kreuger; two sisters, Peggy Bearsely and Emma Johnson, preceded him in death. Funeral service, 1:00 pm, Monday, December 12, 2005 at Harrisburg United Methodist Church. Interment will be at Pleasant View Cemetery. Visitation begins at 4:00 pm Sunday with the family present from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at Miller Funeral Home Downtown. If you would like to see the Obituary go to God speed!!!!!!!

Visitor_Name: David L. Engle
Date: 12/10/05   Time: 11:06 PM
Great Website, I served on the NEWPORT NEWS from 72-75 as a GMGSN 5th Division. Think often of those I served with and would like to hear from all. Donnie LLOYD, Joe SOTILE, APPLE, KEN KINARD, Ken JOHNSON, KING, Fred WELCH and anyone else. Cell #228-238-4259. I am a Plank Preserver and was part of the decommissioning phase till the end. Have never attended a reunion but would like to. Had a real surprise a few years back when Robby ROBINSON (now retired), appeared as I was working in my front yard. Selling alarm systems I believe. That's the first person I have seen or spoken to since being discharged in 75.

Visitor_Name: Barbara Perrotta Noble
Where_From: Gaithersburg, MD
Date: 11/27/05   Time: 10:55 PM
How_find_us:   I know that my father was on NN CA-148.
Comments:   Hi Everyone. My father, Albert Perrotta, served on Newport News CA-148, engine room. I believe he said his nickname was Mad Al (he's still alive!) He and I are close (two peas in a pod, actually)... I would love to hear from his buddies!!! Please e-mail me at, in the subject line please write Newport News. Thanks!!!

Visitor_Name: Tom Lehr
Where_From: Gloversville, New york
Date: 11/22/05    Time: 10:45 PM
How_find_us:    Former crew member.
Comments:   Enjoy the entire N.N website. Was in 5th div. from 68-72 . Have found some old friends from this site.

Visitor_Name: Ronald G Spurlock
Where_From: Antioch Tennessee U. S. A.
Date: 11/11/05  Time: 09:53 AM
All the cruisers are gone now even the Nuclear powered ones with missiles . We must get by with a smaller Navy our leaders say.

Visitor_Name: 1st Sgt Robert l Thompson USMC (ret)
Where_From: South Bend, Indiana, 46614
Date: 11/08/05   Time: 04:33 PM
How_find_us: Just looked up the old ship by name and no.
Comments:   I served aboard the last years before it was decommissioned. It was my marine det. that struck the colors. I was one of the most rewarding tours I had during my 30 year career. If any one would like to get in touch with me I left my e-mail add. I was teh MarDet GySgt.

Visitor_Name: Fred Herzog
Date: 11/08/05   Time: 02:53 AM
I am signing my dad's name, who just recently passed. He served on this ship and apparently enjoyed it. I thought he might like to have his name on the guest book.

Visitor_Name: Thomas Flavin
Where_From: Norfolk VA USA
Date: 11/04/05   Time: 02:53 PM
How_find_us:   Yahoo search
Comments:   Hi My Father served aboard the Newport News during the period when it got its nickname gray ghost. His name is John Flavin and he was in the communications division. Does anybody remember him? Please let me know. Thank You

Visitor_Name: Suzanne "Flynt" Savage
Where_From: Norfolk, Va. USA
Date: 10/31/05   Time: 05:40 PM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father. His name was William Clarence Flynt (ET) and as far as I know, he was aboard during an explosion and served during Vietnam. If anyone has any information, please feel free to contact me...even if you are not sure.

Visitor_Name: Jerry Farrar
Where_From: Griffith, In. 46319
Date: 10/31/05   Time: 03:45 AM
Had a great time at the reunion. Loved seeing all the guys that I've made friends with and making more friends. I served on the news 1968 to 1969.

Visitor_Name: John E. Adams Jr.
Where_From: Boston ,Ma
Date: 10/29/05   Time: 03:14 AM
How_find_us: Surfing
Comments:   My Father, John E. Adams served proudly on the CA-148 Retired early -70's passed away in 78 spent 24 years in the navy. Was a Chief and Commasaryman. Can anyone tell me about him so I can tell his 2 grandsons. Being away for most of my life I have few memories. I grew up a total Navy brat and would never want to change that. Bless you all. Johnny Jr.

Visitor_Name: Jonathan Brown
Where_From: Derry, NH
Date: 10/27/05   Time: 12:11 PM
How_find_us:   Bob Freeman
Comments:   Found web site very informative. After listening to some of the radio transmit ions and photos, I felt proud of the men and women that are protecting our country. Thanks to all!

Visitor_Name: Hayley Woodall
Where_From: Shrewsbury, England
Date: 10/26/05   Time: 12:05 AM
Searching for Ray Woodall, My FATHER, on Goggle and this site appeared
Comments:   Any one who knows a Ray Woodall Who has a 19 year old daughter in England please contact me Please

Visitor_Name: Lonnie Thomas
Where_From: Knoxville, TN USA
Date: 10/17/05   Time: 08:39 PM
How_find_us:   A friend told me that my old ship might have a web site. lo and behold here it is.
Comments:   I served on the Newport News from September 1967 until February 1971. Would like to hear from the guys that served during that time or find link from this site. I'm new to this stuff.

Visitor_Name: CDR Jeff Lance
Where_From: Stow, MA
Date: 10/09/05   Time: 08:31 PM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   I am a Navy Reservist. My uncle, Bill Lance, was a USS Newport News Sailor. He'll be excited to learn of the museum onboard the Salem. Nice web-site. I'll check in periodically so I can let him know of future reunions.

Visitor_Name: Stephen Freni
Where_From: west hills california
Date: 10/08/05   Time: 07:48 PM
How_find_us:   From cruiser ass.
Comments:   Oone of the greatest sites served on board NN 9/52 till 5/54 as cs2

Visitor_Name: Christopher E Buck
Where_From: Romeoville Illinios
Date: 10/02/05    Time: 04:22 AM
Comments:    USS NEWPORT NEWS CA 148 1973 TO 1977 2ND FLEET

Visitor_Name: Brian Russell
Where_From: Cambridge,MA.
Date: 09/21/05   Time: 09:24 PM
Comments: My dad was on the NN. I'm not sure exactly when but I know he did a tour in Nam on it.

Visitor_Name: Bruce Blackwelder
Where_From: Richlands, North Carolina
Date: 09/14/05   Time: 07:34 AM
How_find_us:   Deliberate search for USS Newport News
Comments:   Had the pleasure to visit Newport News many times in 1970-71, when my father was a “staff puke” aboard. A high school student at the time, I still remember the crew’s praise for their ship, the last of the big gun cruisers. Never before, or since, have I encountered such enthusiasm from ship’s company while guiding a tour. It wasn’t because I was an officer’s brat, but rather that the men had genuine pride in their ship! Thank you all, from a former P-3 enlisted Air crewman.

Visitor_Name: Manny Ramirez
Where_From: Surprise, AZ. USA
Date: 09/04/05   Time: 10:53 PM
How_find_us:   Search mode
Comments:   Great comments, served 58-62,member cruiser sailor assoc. briefly on NN  in 1962,rm3rd.served comcrudiv 4 before separating and attached to NNS. separated fm the navy attached to NNS. originally on USS Macon , cruiser sailors area a special breed. I want t0o purchase a ships patch for my jacket, every ship I served I have a patch. A lot of ships when your attached to a flag for a couple of years. She was a beaut.

Visitor_Name: John V. Williams
Where_From: Clarkston, MI, USA
Date: 08/28/05   Time: 09:36 PM
How_find_us:   Looking for information regarding USS Newport News several years ago.
Comments: My dad is John (Willy) Williams (ETR2 OE DIV, 1959-62), and I had the pleasure of attending the 2005 reunion with him a couple of months ago. I have been meaning to write in and let the folks who organized the reunion know that you did an incredible job. Dad is, and has always been proud of his service to the country, and I am proud of him and anyone who dedicates themselves to preserving the freedom of the United States. When he asked me to go along with him to Boston to attend, there was no hesitation in saying yes. I had been on the website several times while conducting research for a model of the Newport News that I built for his 60th birthday in 2000, and I wondered how a reunion would be. It gave me a chance to do something that I have not been able to do for years, which is spend some time with him. 14 hours on the road (each way) gave me that opportunity. It was terrific to see the way that the guys welcomed everyone in to the fold, from the first day to the last. As Dad wandered around looking at name tags, and trying to put faces and names together, everybody was quick with a handshake and a welcome. One guy told him that although they served at different times, as long as it was on the News, you were all shipmates. One scene that I will always remember is a couple of guys helping a shipmate on to the dance floor following the formal dinner. The gentleman appeared to have a medical condition that did not allow him to go solo, but there were 2 others helping him move around to be part of the festivities. All three had huge smiles and it was great to see. Beautiful accommodations, a great deal on rooms and meals, and a good time on the Salem (even though it was hotter than hell) made the trip worth it. Dad was so hoarse on the ride home from running his yap with the fellas for 3 days, I didn't think he was going to make it. Again, to all who made the reunion happen, a big round of applause. You guys are the best!!

Visitor_Name: Rick Schreiber
Where_From: Clearwater, Florida
Date: 08/25/05   Time: 11:09 PM
How_find_us:   Looking up past history about the NN. Reading everything I can.
Comments:   When I came across this site and heard the sound tracks and some videos, I had to fight to keep the tears away while sitting in my store. It is a shame that all my mementos and pictures were lost from a rotten "xwife" throwing all to garbage. However, one thing I fought to keep was my "ashtray" a sawed off bottom from a 5" brass powder keg. (port side forward 5" gun mount was mine from 8/67 - 4/68. Tomorrow I will sign in to the main page if only I could remember names etc, Id love to see who writes. (getting old stinks). Many thanks for this site, and the memories good or bad that it brings.

Visitor_Name: Marvin Copeland
Where_From: Yuma Az
Date: 08/24/05   Time: 06:04 AM
How_find_us:   Surfed in
Comments:   Was air crewman with vs-29 1965-1968. Remember gunfire spotting for you guys on an area just north of dmz. What a site flying racetrack patterns across your bow and turning towards coast. You fired on our inbound leg. Rounds hit just as we reached coastline. No corrections needed. Ever!! Marvin Copeland Call sign Trombone Aircraft

Visitor_Name: Allan Bowman
Where_From: Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Date: 08/22/05   Time: 10:26 PM
How_find_us:   Web search
Comments:   I am the son of Chief Harry L. Bowman, signalman. He was injured in Oct. '72 gun explosion accident. He later retired to Westminster MD. In Sept, 2002, he died of lung cancer while at home. This email is to remember him. Thanks for this NN site.

Visitor_Name: Leon Jasvins
Date: 08/19/05   Time: 06:38 PM
How_find_us:   Browsing the past
Comments:   I was aboard the Newport News as young sailor of the Canadian navy, never forgot those big guns. if my memory is correct she was in San Juan Puerto Rico in 1966 or 67 for operation maple spring and springboard. had great time and sure appreciated the hospitality. so sad she was cut up for scrap

Visitor_Name: John Cook
Where_From: Dubuque, Iowa
Date: 08/14/05   Time: 02:58 PM
How_find_us:   Internet
Comments:   I served on the USS Newport News during the 1958 Europe cruise.

Visitor_Name: Gary D. Kelly
Where_From: Marietta, Ohio
Date: 07/19/05   Time: 05:16 AM
How_find_us:   My daughter told me about it.
Comments:   This was a very beautiful ship that caught the eye of everyone in every port we visited.

Visitor_Name: Bill Lee
Date: 07/16/05   Time: 11:49 AM
How_find_us:   An old shipmate gave me the link
Comments:   Hello I think I was part of that SINKEX the NN was part of in March 1974. I was serving as a Weapons Underwater Rating aboard HMCS Annapolis, a Canadian DDH. Bill

Visitor_Name: Rebecca Anderson (Gallo)
Where_From: Wethersfield CT USA
Date: 07/13/05   Time: 01:00 AM
How_find_us:   My Dad.
Comments:    I am the daughter of Mike Gallo HM3/H Division who served proudly on the NN from 11/64-05/66. Recently, I took a drive to Quincy, Mass. and visited the USS Salem to see the beautiful restoration work that has been done to her as well as to see the Museum. This museum has been such a labor of love for him and all the crew. I am so proud that he is my father and was granted the opportunity to take a glimpse into his time as a United States Serviceman. I was also lucky enough to be in attendance for a short time for the reunion party that was held there. So many great men were there who also served our country in a time of great need. They are living history books that should remind each and every one of us that freedom is not free, and great sacrifice must be made to achieve such a gift. To them, and to my father, I say thank you.

Visitor_Name: Robert Buckley
Email: RLBUCKLEY@Verizon.Net
Where_From: Lake Ridge, Va
Date: 07/12/05   Time: 02:31 PM
How_find_us:   Type in Joseph Grisfari
Comments:   Though I didn't know Joseph Grisafi very well, he spent his last hours of leave with me. We went bowling the night before he was due back to Norfolk, Va. in 1972. It was a very light hearted occasion because Joe was glad to be going out on a North Atlantic cruise. I was shocked when I heard that Joe died off the coast of Vietnam. Joe was a great guy and often try to find his name on the wall.

Visitor_Name: Finis (Mac) McComas, AVCM, USN (ret)
Where_From: SE IL (from OK)
Date: 07/10/05   Time: 11:29 PM
How_find_us:   Kinfolks
Comments:   I'm trying to contact Calvin Buck Harvey, Jr. who served on the NN about 1971. He does not have an e-mail address and I can't find him in the towns mentioned in the roster. He is the son of my grandfather's brother, Calvin Buck Harvey, and the family would like to make contact with him. If any of you know his address, please let him or me know. Thanks.

Visitor_Name: michael merkelt
Date: 06/26/05   Time: 02:57 PM
Comments:   My father served time on the ship around the time of the Cuban conflict. I served in the USAF and can not find a group of people as committed as you are to the time we spent serving our country. Please send me an email when the ships store opens again. Thank you for your time

Visitor_Name: Jennifer Dickinson
Where_From: Bath, Maine
Date: 06/13/05   Time: 07:01 PM
How_find_us:   Yahoo searched "Lindsay McCarty"
Comments:   I just wanted to say that Lindsay McCarty was not only a great captain, but a wonderful grandfather. Though I am not his grand-daughter by blood, Daddy Lindsay accepted me as his own and loved me just the same. I will never forget him, and I will always cherish our time together. He is sadly missed....

Visitor_Name: Paul D. Schomaker  aka Show Me
Where_From: Warsaw, Missouri
Date: 06/05/05   Time: 08:36 AM
How_find_us:   Internet Search
Comments:   I served on the USS Newport News from Jan.60 to Oct. 62 in  "R" Division .SFM 2IN the sheet metal shop. Great ship to be on and a great time.

Visitor_Name: Andy Angelo Mancini
Where_From: Hazlet , NJ 07730 Monmouth.
Date: 06/03/05   Time: 03:08 PM
How_find_us:   Member
Comments:   I sever on the USS  Boston cag-1 for 2 years also a member, you have the greatest site and you guys do a great job Andy sk-3 1956 to 1957 s-2 division..

Visitor_Name: Martin William Grey
Where_From: Wildwood Florida
Date: 05/30/05   Time: 07:29 PM
How_find_us:   Internet search.
Comments:   I served on the USS Newport CA148 from 11/51 thru 8/54.

Visitor_Name: Donald M. Rutledge
Where_From: Huntsville Alabama
Date: 05/30/05   Time: 05:33 PM
How_find_us::   Surfing the net.
Comments:   I served on the Newport News from 1948 to 1951 in the 6th division. Will welcome any e-mails from any crew members who knew me or didn't.

Visitor_Name: Larry Corcoran
Where_From: West Newbury, Ma 01985
Date: 05/30/05   Time: 04:34 AM
How_find_us:   Looking for the U.S.S. Northampton CC-1 on the internet.
Comments:   I served on the Northampton from 63-67 as a Machinist Mate 3rd. In A&M Div. I like to hear from people who served on her.

Visitor_Name: Bernie Kolacki
Where_From: Broadalbin, NY USA
D ate: 05/23/05   Time: 05:47 PM
How_find_us:   Browsing the WEB page
Comments:   I served aboard the Newport News from May of 1949 to August of 1952 in the Fifth Division. I have been to most of the Reunions and am registered to be present at the Quincy, MA reunion this June. Am looking forward to seeing some of my old shipmates again. You could have found me on the No. 4 motor launch or entertaining the shipmates with my accordion. I consider the time I spent on "Big Thunder" the most memorable times of my life. Two of my shipmates from the Rochester NY area, where I was originally from have passed away, Stan Kalish and Doug Snyder. Am looking forward to seeing Richard Cook (2nd Div.) at the Reunion.

Visitor_Name: Larry D.Christlieb QM3 USS Montrose !960 -1964
Where_From: Wichita, Kansas
Date: 05/21/05   Time: 07:07 PM
How_find_us:   It was my brothers ship fm.6/55 to 8/59
Comments:   Just a short message to inform all my brother [Robert A. [Bob] Christlieb MM2 6/55 to 8/59 former shipmates of his death @11:10 Tues. 17 May 2005.He was very proud to have served aboard "Old Thunder. He will be missed. Thanks, His brother Larry.

Visitor_Name: Ray Lonick
Where_From: Virginia
Date: 05/21/05   Time: 01:54 AM
How_find_us:   Looked up site for USS Newport News
Comments:   I was a midshipman on cruise "Charlie"....I ended up in the Civil Engineer Corp with duty at NOB

Visitor_Name: Fred Owen
Where_From: Lafayette, Or  (USA)
Date: 05/14/05   Time: 08:41 PM
How_find_us:: Referred by a shipmate.
Comments:   Have visited the site often since first finding it in '02. It's a wonderful, inspired blessing to us old salts, and I have a Rekindled old friendships, have learnmed a lot about them that I didn't know, and am extremely grateful for the work done toward that end by the webmasters. I served from 1949 until 1952; A sixth division deck ape, I'd appreciate anyone who remembers me or someone who just wants to reminisce about the finest ship in the Navy!

Visitor_Name: Randy Hart
Where_From: Colorado Springs, CO
Date: 05/01/05   Time: 09:48 PM
Comments:   My dad, Howard (Herky) Hart served on the USS Newport News during the Korean war. Trying to locate anyone that served during the same time frame that knew my dad. I myself served 20 years in the Military and would like to get some more information about my dads career. Thanks for your time.

Visitor_Name: Tom Trujillo
Where_From: New Milford, CT
Date: 04/22/05   Time: 04:31 PM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   Gents Here is to a great ship and crew! By the way, if your interested, I recently took pictures of your sister ship, Des Moines, at the Philly shipyard while getting together one last time with my ship the USS America CV66. You can find those pictures on my site, by clicking the photography tab at the top of the page and then click the CA134 tab. If I can ask one thing of you, can you go to my other site, We the former crew of the USS America which on April 19th was towed out to sea by the Navy for a live fire exercise and eventual scuttling are trying to get the next carrier to begin construction in 2007 named AMERICA. Can you please sign the quest book and also follow the directions for writing your representative, senators, the President and SECNAV via email? There is a pre-written letter for each on the site so you just have to cut and paste and there is also directions for getting your reps name and email address. Thanks in advance for the support. Please let us know you wrote them through the guest book. Tom Trujillo AW2 former USS America CV66 1/81 - 8/83

Visitor_Name: Bob Capilla
Date: 04/11/05   Time: 05:55 PM
How_find_us:   Just looked up the name of the ship.
Comments:   I was on the staff of ComCruDiv 2 on board the Newport News. I was in the Navy from Nov 58 until 62. Would anyone know a web site I could check on other staff members of ComCruDiv 2?

Visitor_Name: Dawn Roe
Where_From: Bancroft, WV
Date: 04/11/05   Time: 04:12 PM
How_find_us:   My fathers postcard for a reunion.
Comments:   I enjoy the website. I have been looking at items and my father who was aboard as been telling me their history. Thank you

Visitor_Name: steve smith
Where_From: QLD Australia
Date: 04/11/05   Time: 05:04 AM
How_find_us:   Surf
Comments:   Interested in Naval vessels and was a good ref site

Visitor_Name: Elmer Hamann Jr
Where_From: Philadelphia,Pa
Date: 04/07/05   Time: 05:09 AM
How_find_us:   Surfing the web
Comments:   My Dad served aboard the USS Newport News from 58-64 and I was wonderine if any of his ole Shipmates were still around. He passed away Feb. 8 2001 His name was Elmer Hamann so if anyone has any info they want to share my E-Mail is  And just like my Dad I now serve in the Navy aboard the USS Harry Truman. Thank you and God bless you all.

Visitor_Name: Steve Harrigan
Where_From: NE Maryland
Date: 04/03/05   Time: 04:14 AM
How_find_us:   Remembering old ships coming off the line for bullets, on the KY8 hearing Abby Delta, Abby Delta this is Thunder over. Never forgot the old call signs on the bridge.
Comments:   Remembering the center gun lying down while the other two stood at attention, our two CH-46s evac a few wounded from Thunder and following it back to Subic. I was on the USS Santa Barbara AE-28 ... 72-76 QM2

Visitor_Name: Robert Brost
Where_From: West Amana, Iowa
Date: 03/20/05   Time: 05:16 AM
How_find_us:   Whimsical Search on the Internet
Comments:   I had not thought of my Navy time for the last 20 years, I was a very reluctant volunteer.  I Served on the Newport News 73 through 75 as a machinist mate (Engine 3) and logroom Yeoman. Your website has unleashed many fond memories of great people and weird times. I did not appreciate the Newport News until I was stationed on the John F. Kennedy CV-67- what a hellhole she was. I work for a German company that makes huge ship breaking machinery and learned tonight that one of out customers (southern scrap) broke up the Newport News - and odd twist to be sure. I just had fun recollection of and afternoon when liberty was secured for the engineering division by Engineering Officer Graham because someone on cold iron watch had stolen the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Commissioning Plaque from the main control panel in DC central. I was engineering Officer Grahams's logroom Yeoman at the time and was able to report to him that someone returned it by sliding it under the engineering office door...Truith be told- I stole it and was under severe preassure from my M Division cohorts to return it quickly. Anyone know what became of  MM2 Keith Little, Danny Welch, Doggy Graham? Robby Hitchcock became a cop in Pennsylvania. Take good care..

Visitor_Name: Richey Shawn Brewer
Where_From: Arkansas
Date: 03/18/05   Time: 12:46 PM
How_find_us:   My dad harry b brewer
Comments:   As I kid I still remember well the ship coming in and the tapes dad sent us from combat .always been proud of my dad and his memories of the Newport News.

Visitor_Name: L. David Foster Jr.
Where_From: NC
Date: 03/16/05   Time: 09:45 PM
How_find_us:   By name
Comments:   Larry D. Foster Jr. RM3 CR-DIV Sep 1971 to Dec 1973 I have two cruise books (1971 and VN 1972). The 1973 NATO I ordered from a scoundrel named Colier, I believe. He skipped with the money he had. I want to know if he was ever caught and hung from the yardarm. Wasn't the money I lost, but the memories in the cruise book I ordered just prior to my discharge on 13 Dec 1973. Tell me where he is buried, I'd like to put a little something on his grave.

Visitor_Name: Melvin (RUSTY) Herring
Where_From: Fort Worth Texas
Date: 03/03/05   Time: 07:11 PM
How_find_us:   Looking for mates of USS Bridet DE 1024
Comments:    I was on board from 1963 to 1965. may Brother was also aboard Larry Herring . We were both BT's

Visitor_Name: Corey Zendner
Where_From: Louisville, KY
Date: 03/02/05 Time: 04:42 AM
How_find_us:   Chuck Zendner
Comments:   Great sight! And thunder in the night is an amazing book.

Visitor_Name: Fernand W. Vaillancourt
Where_From: Londonderry, New Hampshire
Date: 02/27/05    Time: 03:37 PM
How_find_us:   I was looking for a way to build a small model of "The Big Thunder" when I saw that there was a website of the ship, and the shipmates I served with so I entered my name in the crews members and am awaiting a reply from anyone who remembers being aboard.
Comments:   If anyone remembers Jim Farrah or Jim Kearney, please let me know. E-Mail me at thank you.

Visitor_Name: Gerry Hamm
Where_From: Cedar Rapids IA
Date: 02/22/05   Time: 11:08 PM
How_find_us:   Looking for info
Comments:   Great website, Great and complete history site. I love to read that stuff. it's just great!! Gerry Hamm USN/retired...1971-1991

Visitor_Name: Andy Angelo Mancini
Where_From: Hazlet, NJ. 07730
Date: 02/22/05   Time: 12:22 PM
How_find_us:   Im a member sever on the news
Comments:   Hi keep up the good work you all do for this site & happy George  Washington birthday 2-22-2005 Andy 1956-1957 sk-3.

Visitor_Name: Loren J Watembach
Where_From: Winona MN
Date: 02/22/05    Time: 08:07 AM
How_find_us:   My dad said he was on this ship so I had see if there was info on the net
Comments:   My father died in 1997 but he told of his time in the navy on this ship I just put the name of the ship in the search engine and found this great site L W

Visitor_Name: Ronald Phillips
Where_From: Orange City, Florida
Date: 02/17/05   Time: 02:50 AM
How_find_us:   Surfin the web
Comments:   You have a great site. I was looking for FREDERICK ALBANO and found that he was aboard the Newport News 73-75. If anyone knows his where abouts please send him to There is a "CONTACT US" he can use. Thanks a mil R/Ron

Visitor_Name: Karin
Where_From: usa
Date: 02/11/05   Time: 07:51 PM
How_find_us:   net
Comments:   My mom worked on a small part of the base that was a bar in the 70's in Norfolk Va. her nickname was Buzzy we had lots of sailors always at our house (rich, rick, libel, ski, tom and many more I was looking for them or anyone who remembers Buzzy thank you.

Visitor_Name: Jim & Kathy Clark
Where_From: Chicago, Il
Date: 02/07/05   Time: 10:28 AM
How_find_us:   Surfed the web under Newport News
Comments:   My Uncle stated he served on this ship. We have a US flagged marked as it came off this ship and we are looking to verify.

Visitor_Name: Tracey Micolucci
Where_From: Pennsylvania
Date: 02/04/05   Time: 10:22 AM
Comments:   My husband was aboard Jan. '72 until the ship was decommissioned. I was wondering if any crew members have had Post Tramatic Stress Disorder? Also has anyone had exposure to Agent Orange? He tells me that he was exposed twice. We did get an unsolicited AO form about 1981 from the government. My husband threw it away. Did NN ever port for any reason in Republic of Vietnam at that time? He is too sick to do any of this. So far he has been to the VA hospital only one time. He won't leave the house. Thanks for any help.

Visitor_Name: Dan McGrath
Where_From: South Brunswick, NJ.
Date: 01/23/05   Time: 05:37 PM
How_find_us: Googled "Newport News"
Comments:   I was a friend of George Amaro, lived up the street from him..... a drummer and the 5th Beatle. Never had a chance to talk to him about his tour, he was onboard ship in Oct '72. I remember he was real proud of The Navy. Last I've seen him he was doing OK. Thanks to all of you for your service, those that care have not forgotten.

Visitor_Name: Woodrow Hall
Where_From: Dublin, Georgia
Date: 01/23/05    Time: 08:08 AM
How_find_us:   Search engine

Visitor_Name: Bruce Russell
Where_From: Follansbee,West(by god)Virginia
Date: 01/14/05   Time: 02:30 PM
How_find_us:   Long ago I came across by surfing navy webs
Comments:   It's good to come back and see if anyone has showed up for the first time.

Visitor_Name: Dan Lile
Where_From: Olalla, WA
Date: 01/11/05   Time: 10:15 AM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   My Dad Ralph Lile served on the Newport News I believe between 1958- 1960. If anyone knew my dad, please email me at

Visitor_Name: Capt Bruce Kinney USNR RET
Where_From: Atlanta, GA
Date: 01/09/05   Time: 03:53 PM
How_find_us:   Follow-up visit to the site
Comments:   Several kind shipmates of my father RADM Sheldon Kinney have contacted me following the notice of his death on December 11. I wanted to pass along the site of his Life Story and Guest Book for those who wish to know more about his Navy career both before and after serving aboard the USS Newport News. &PersonID=2954635 Thanks from the whole Kinney family for your kind thoughts and memories of our Father. Respectfully, Bruce Kinney

Visitor_Name: Karl Weilbacher Jr
Where_From: Fernandian Beach, Florida
Date: 01/01/05    Time: 08:15 AM
How_find_us:   Searched for USS NEWPORT NEWS
Comments:   Stationed onboard from Sept 1966 - Sept 1967 QM striker, Wrestled on team March 1967, won ALL Navy, transfered Sept 1967 to USS Sierra AD-18 to run Navy Wrestling Team. Left Navy Oct 1969. Reenlisted June 1980 QM2 changed rates to HT2, went to school for NDT, HT1 1983, HTC 1985, ENS 1989 Retired LT 1997.

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