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Visitor_Name: Dr. Martin Davis
Where_From: Huntington, NY 11743
Date: 12/28/04   Time: 09:13 PM
:How_find_us:   While searching for news on the passing of RADM Sheldon H. Kinney, USN (Ret.)
Comments:   Rear Admiral Sheldon H. Kinney, USN (Ret.) passed away on December 11, 2004. I learned this when scrolling through your website. Sheldon Kinney loved the Navy, and he was particularly fond of USS Newport News CA-148. During and after his naval service, he made major contributions to American history. As a 24-year old commanding officer of a destroyer escort, he sent three U-boats to the bottom and a fourth to the scrap yard. During 1990, I had the good fortune to spend 12 days in Uruguay and Brazil with Sheldon. This was part of a plan by the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association to bring back to the U.S. a WWII DE that would serve as a museum ship. We failed in South America, but we succeeded in Greece. As a result, the USS Slater DE-766 is being restored in Albany, NY ( Admiral Kinney was an outstanding naval officer, educator and innovator who gained the respect of all who knew him. He will be missed, but remembered, by his many friends. Martin Davis, Ph.D.

Visitor_Name: Paul Wieloszynski
Where_From: Tampa, Florida
Date: 12/23/04   Time: 07:36 AM
How_find_us:   Looking for information on CA-148. Am webmaster for DD-829 site.
Comments:   We operated with Newport News in 1972 in N. China Sea against N. Vietnamese targets. Big guns, big noise. Contact us through the Fox web site guest log. My e-mail posted in this guest log replaced the @ with an "A", as spammers routinely "harvest" mail addresses from sites like this one.

Visitor_Name: CAPT Bruce Kinney USRN RET
Where_From: Atlanta, GA
Date: 12/22/04   Time: 04:19 PM
How_find_us:   Long term admiring visitor
Comments:   I regret to advise his shipmates of the USS Newport News that RADM Sheldon Kinney passed away on December 11, 2004 at his home in Annapolis, MD. Admiral Kinney was always very proud of the Newport News as his flagship and of you the crew with which he served. RADM Kinney will be given Final Honors at the US Naval Academy in mid January 2005. May we all wish him Fair Winds and Following Seas. Respectfully CAPT Bruce H. Kinney

Visitor_Name: Stephanie Kinney-Dewey
Where_From: Ohio
Date: 12/21/04   Time: 09:29 AM
How_find_us:   Web search for Kinney
Comments:   Adam Kinney's picture came up under my search for Kinney images. I am doing family research and this man Has to be of some distant relationship. He looks so much like my Father. My great grandfather came from NY to Ironton. His family remained in NY and I am sure he had several siblings. His name was Thomas Kinney. I know that he had a sister named Alice not sure of others. Could you pass this along to Mr. Kinney Please.

Visitor_Name: mike smith
Where_From: Ohio
Date: 12/15/04   Time: 10:27 AM
How_find_us: From ship mate
Comments:   I served on board from 1971 to 1975 bt3 #1 boiler room

Visitor_Name: Andy Skowronek (ski)
Where_From: St Paul Minnesota
Date: 12/11/04   Time: 06:49 AM
How_find_us:   Shipmate
Comments:   My name is Andy, I was aboard in 68-70 worked in the galley, also played hot rock in the ships radio station WBLC, my stage name was Randy Cook,or some times Perry Stjohn. Still trying to locate my friend Huey Mceller. She was a great ship and yes she fired lots of rounds in 68-69 GOD BLESS ALL THE MILITARY.

Visitor_Name: Jim Reichenbach
Where_From: Allentown, Pa.
Date: 12/10/04   Time: 08:47 PM
Comments:   My brother, FTG1 Robert Reichenbach served aboard Newport News in 1967. He retired as a CPO in 1977. We lost him in a traffic accident near his home in Florida in 2000. He was always proud of his service on the ship and often talked about it. Would be glad to hear from anyone who served with him.

Visitor_Name: curt biggers(Biggie)
Date: 12/09/04   Time: 10:33 PM
How_find_us:   Just decided to see if there was a web site for the ship
Comments:   I was surprised and happy to see site. I was in 1st div and on board for the explosion. I was friends with Tom Lane, Ed Rossi and Frank Calabrese. Like to hear from you guys. Hey Tom, remember the night in the massage place in Hong Kong. I had a cute young girl and you got somebody's grandmother! I just got laid off from Best Western International after 26years.This happened on 12/6/04.My dept is being outsourced to the Philippines!! I hope its not Olongapo City!!

Visitor_Name: Doug Cook
Where_From: Australia
Date: 12/08/04   Time: 05:02 PM
How_find_us:   "Thunder" shipmates
Comments:   Have just signed up as a "Thunder" honorary member, with the advice/assistance of an ex "Thunder" shipmate from down South Carolina way. We Aussies ( "Gunpowder" - "Thunders" shotgun, Nam, 67/68) have a similar association. If you want to sign up and share the bonds of friendship between Newport News & Perth you can contact me or any of your "Gunpowder" brothers in arms. We would certainly welcome you aboard. Regards, Doug, HMAS Perth, Vietnam, 1967/68, Thunder's shotgun and proud of it.

Visitor_Name: Michael Kolacki
Where_From: Clermont, Florida
Date: 12/07/04    Time: 08:45 AM
How_find_us:   Came across the website by accident.
Comments:   Great website. My father served on the Newport News years ago so it was great to see the old photos and explore the crew lists.

Visitor_Name: Al Uhr
Where_From: Des Plaines Ill.
Date: 12/05/04   Time: 02:32 PM
Comments:   Fond memories of a grand old lady. But I have to confess that I was the one that stole the Christmas cake out of the Starboard Galley and took it down to the 3rd Division Gear Locker. I believe it was in Dec. of 60 but I did have a great time aboard ship. AL " DOC" UHR

Visitor_Name: Mike McCrimmon
Date: 12/01/04   Time: 05:01 PM
How_find_us:   Surfing about
Comments:   I served aboard the carrier USS Saratoga CV-60 during the gulf war. I still remember the long hours on the fire truck while we launched air strikes. MY father served aboard the escort carrier Corregidor in WW2 , brother Gary served aboard the destroyer Ernest G. Small, brother Randy aboard the USS Prairie both during Vietnam. brother chuck served aboard the destroyer USS Barney in the early 80's. So i think we pass as a NAVY family. very good sight, thanks for bringing back the memories.

Visitor_Name: Seg
Date: 11/25/04   Time: 11:58 AM
Comments:   Visitor_Name: Dick Seggerson Email: Where_From: Lima, OH Date: 04/05/04 Time: 05:49 AM How_find_us: Member Comments: Message to Jim (Slim) Whitman. I found the picture and tried to email you but your address (email) is no good anymore - contact me. Segg65 Dick Seggerson, Weapons Office YN3 Just reposting the above in case Slim reads this occasionally

Visitor_Name: Bpb Frey
Where_From: Bangor, PA.
Date: 11/19/04   Time: 08:39 PM
How_find_us: USS Bennington CVA 20 web site
Comments: Great Web site, am retired and like browsing different navy ships and sites. good luck, BOB

Name: Ken Nippes
Date: 11/16/04   Time: 05:39 AM
Comments:   I served in the Marine Detachment from Feb/65 to Feb/67. A great couple of years.

Visitor_Name: Donald M. Rutledge
Where_From: Huntsville, Alabama 35806
Date: 11/13/04   Time: 09:06 AM
How_find_us:   Searching the web site.
Comments:   I am a plank owner of the Newport News. I served from January 1949 to may 1951.

Visitor_Name: Stella Martinez
Where_From: Hermosa Beach, CA
Date: 10/27/04 Time: 11:24 AM
How_find_us:   Internet Google search USS Newport News
Comments:   My brother Glen Martinez was discharged one month before the Turret Two Explosion. He served as a 1st loader, he was right around the corner from Turret Two, and probably would have died from the explosion but was honorably discharged 1 month prior to the tragedy. He was also responsible for the landing of the helicopter for the Vice Admiral and took care of the utility boats for the back side of 6 - 7 boats. He was very proud of his service on the USS Newport News and he passed away last week October 21, 2004. He worked in the shipyards in San Francisco repairing Navy ships and our family will bury him at sea by spreading his ashes in the San Francisco Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge. His service is this Friday at 1pm at the Miller Avenue Church located 285 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA. Thanks. - Stella Martinez

Visitor_Name: Ron Snook
Where_From: Plymouth Minnesota
Date: 10/08/04   Time: 01:02 PM
Comments:   Ron Snook SN/OL End of 1958 to End of 1960 I joined the Newport News at the end of 1958 and worked as a Look Out and Driver with the OL gang. I’m not sure when I started working with the Radio people in the Communications Office. It was a very small office and it seemed like I spent most of my time with an officer and a clip board writing up reports on all the inspection we had. All The Best Ron Snook

Visitor_Name: Maryanne LeBlanc
Where_From: Medford, MA
Date: 10/07/04 Time: 05:25 PM
Comments:   My friend Eddie McEleney died on 10/1/72 - anyone remember him?

Visitor_Name: John Williams
Where_From: Southfield MI
Date: 09/29/04 Time: 11:43 AM
How_find_us:   Have been a member for a long time; have a new E-mail address.
Comments:   Knowing this is monitored, I very recently became suddenly unemployed and somewhat retired. I am no longer - I am now at - I am looking to get this changed, and get back on the E-mail list. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone would respond. Williams JL ("Willy"/"Wiley") ETR2 OE Division '59-'62 17043 Coral Gables Southfield MI 48076

Visitor_Name: Wesley S Rose
Where_From: Eubank ,USA
Date: 09/26/04   Time: 02:00 PM
How_find_us:   Interet
Comments:   My fathers name was Wesley Harold Rose and he was killed on Oct.1,1972.I would like to get in contact with anyone who knew him. My address is Wesley S. Rose 14987 Hwy 39,Eubank,Ky 42567.Please write me through my email or my home address. I still love my father and he was a good man and I am proud of the men of the USS Newport News 148.

Visitor_Name: Allan Woodyard
Where_From: Geelong Australia
Date: 09/17/04   Time: 02:06 AM
How_find_us:   Hmas Perth Web Site
Comments:   I did a tour on board HMAS Perth in Vietnam and we spent some time with your great ship. We were in it together on the 18th October 1967 when Perth took a hit. I will always remember coming alongside USS Newport News and transferring our wounded. You have a great site. Keep up the good work. Cheers,

Visitor_Name: Dennis L. Jordan
Where_From: Belton, S.C.
Date: 08/24/04   Time: 08:34 AM
How_find_us:   Friend
Comments:   I was aboard the News from 1956 to 1959. It was a treat to see all the pictures that has been sent to the web site. It brought back memories of places we had been. I really did enjoy going through the pages. Thanks DLJ

Visitor_Name: Victor "Bob" Altomonte
Where_From: Longboat Key, Florida
Date: 08/23/04   Time: 12:08 PM
Comments:   Served on Newport News 1958-1960. Was RM3 in OR Div. Played in Jazz band (Drums) at many ports.

Visitor_Name: Al Uhr
Where_From: Des Plaines Illinois. Cook County
Date: 08/22/04   Time: 11:21 PM
How_find_us:   Through the website
Comments:   I was in the 3rd. div 59-61 got a hold of some my old shipmates like to get a hold of a lot more. so far I located four of them maybe some will get this message. I sure have a lot of fond memories I was the one that stole the Christmas cake out of the galley and put in the back room of the gear locker they call me DOC

Visitor_Name: craig begley
Where_From: Adelaide South Australia
Date: 08/21/04   Time: 10:41 PM
How_find_us:   By looking through old photo's of the Vietnam war
Comments:   We done a good job during the Vietnam war (cap st.Anne) Jan 9 1968 pity that both our ships are at the bottom of the sea now

Visitor_Name: Jose Potter
Where_From: Raliegh, USA
Date: 08/20/04   Time: 08:40 AM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   Good Job!!!

Visitor_Name: John B, Anderson
Where_From: Salinas, Ca.
Date: 08/16/04   Time: 04:44 PM
How_find_us:   Looking for RVN fire missions during 68.
Comments:   From Jan. thru July of '68 I was up at Oceanview on dmz coast. Called in "thunder" a few times. How to get records of fire missions?

Visitor_Name: Fran Moore
Where_From: West Point, Kentucky, Hardin County
Date: 08/10/04   Time: 06:26 PM
How_find_us: Looked especially for you
Comments:   You are all my hero's

Visitor_Name: Capt Allan Wall, USN (RET)
Where_From: Virginia Beach, VA
Date: 08/10/04   Time: 01:24 PM
How_find_us:   Google search
Comments:   Nice web site. Great ship. Rode well in heavy seas, and every gun shoot was a thrill.

Visitor_Name: Bill Carpenter
Date: 08/05/04   Time: 03:15 PM
How_find_us:   Search
Comments:   Jeffery Schellerand I were in boot camp 282 together and he was a great man. I heard about the turret but couldn't remember the names. I knew there was one person that was killed but didn't find out his name till now. If there is anybody from boot camp 282 aug71 to oct 71 e-mail me at

Visitor_Name: James D Burris
Where_From: Jacksonville N.C.
Date: 08/03/04   Time: 05:15 PM
How_find_us:   Typed Ships name is search.
Comments:   Do any of you know Stanly Pilot who died in T-2 that night. He was a god friend and as a matter of fact he was the one who taught me how to play football. No one would tell me much until now. I was 13 when he died. I am 44 now and a veteran myself. I have found his name on the wall. Please any information from some one who knew him would be gratefully excepted. Thank You All for what you have done. James D. Burris Former SSgt, U.S.A.F.

Visitor_Name: Cindy McCarty
Where_From: Georgetown, Me
Date: 08/03/04   Time: 08:27 AM
How_find_us:   Captain McCarty
Comments:   It is with much sadness that I report to you the passing of Captain Lindsay C. McCarty. Many of you may not know that we lost Beverly, his wife of 60 years, this past April, after her long struggle with Parkinson's Disease. The Captain had been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and sadly, it had already spread to his spine. He left us on June 28th. I know that many of you can attest to the gift that was the Captain. There is no finer man I have ever met, and I am proud to be a part of his family. He always led by example, not by intimidation, and from only a handful of the many letters to him we have read from those of you who served with him and under him, that fact is indisputable. I am his daughter-in-law, married to his younger son, Joe McCarty. I lost my father, also a WWII Vet, when I was only 19 and he was a mere 58. The Captain became my father, and I will proudly tell you all, he was the sweetest, most caring person I have ever known, and I will never forget all that he brought to my life. Please feel free to email me with any stories you'd like to share with regards to Captain McCarty, as it helps us, his family, in celebrating not only his extraordinary life, but the incredible impact he had on so many of us. I thank you in advance. On behalf of his family, Cindy McCarty

Visitor_Name: Tony McFaarland
Email: codak3@ms
Where_From: Hedgesville, WV
Date: 07/25/04   Time: 06:59 PM
How_find_us:   My step father (Edward D. Price)
Comments:   I've always wanted to know more about my step fathers ship. Now I can learn a little bit more....Thank you.

Visitor_Name: Alan Hart
Where_From: Richmond, Virginia, USA
Date: 07/19/04   Time: 06:12 PM
How_find_us:   Search
Comments:    My father served on board the Newport News during the Korean War. My mother, to help the six kids remember him (he died in 1969 of a heart attack at 36 years old), found this site. She got each of us some sort of memorabilia. I received a hat with the words "Newport News" emblazoned on it. When asked if I served on her, I proudly say that my father did. Keep the memories alive!!

Visitor_Name: Virgil (Buck) Norwood
Date: 07/18/04   Time: 03:52 PM
How_find_us:   I looked it up.
Comments:   I served on board as a GMG Mount6 between the years of 69-71.

Visitor_Name: Brian Grisafi
Where_From: Philadelphia, PA
Date: 07/14/04   Time: 01:37 PM
How_find_us:   Searching the internet
Comments:    To Whom It May Concern: Thank you so much for the memorial to my cousin Joseph Grisafi, I was nine years old when Joey was killed but I remember that day and the horrible news when we were notified of his passing & those of the other men who were killed along with him. My aunt and uncle (Joey's parents) were devastated and a piece of them died also that day, who wouldn't? to loose a child is the cruelest loss of all. I remember Joey as a wonderful person, he was always so kind to me and loving as I was growing up and now that I think about it, he was really the first person that I ever actually "looked up to" and I always thought that he was a super person. I have always been so very proud of my cousin for going above and beyond his duties, for caring about others and for helping others in their time of need. That is what I will always remember about Joey....he was a "Giving" person, he always gave of himself and there aren't too many of those kind of people around. It has been such a long time since Joey has gone but he is not forgotten for I think of him often, wishing him peace, sending him love & remaining so proud of my cousin who along with others on board that fateful day, left us too young and too soon. Thank you again for the memorial tribute. God Bless You. Best regards, Brian Grisafi

Visitor_Name: Robert Spinden
Where_From: Nampa, ID
Date: 07/06/04   Time: 07:59 PM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   I served as a Radarman Striker under Vice Admiral Masterson in the fall and early winter of 1964.

Visitor_Name: Bore
Where_From: Finland
Date: 07/05/04   Time: 07:30 PM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   Nice site!

Visitor_Name: Paul Martinez
Where_From: Corpus Christi, Texas
Date: 07/05/04   Time: 06:46 PM
How_find_us:   Member of the chat room
Comments   I'm still looking for these guys from first division Buzzy Sturdevant, New Mexico, Micheal Shepard ,Panama Robert Veltry, Queens, NY, John Spike Richardson, Lampass Texas,70-72.I found Ballcap Orear and Louie Villani I served on the News from Aug 70 to May 72 in first div. My GQ Station was T-2,I was one of the guys that worked in the powder room and trained the guys that passed away except Clark, he was an old salt.

Visitor_Name: Nick Nicholson
Where_From: Philippines
Date: 06/30/04   Time: 01:48 AM
How_find_us:   Surfing the net
Comments:   I remember the day that the turret blew up. I was on the flight deck of the Saratoga when it happened. I believe it was choppers from our HS-7 that did the medevac. This is a great site you people have here! Nick V-2 div. Arresting Gear USS Saratoga CV-60

Visitor_Name: kelly dunning
Where_From: Corona, California
Date: 06/29/04   Time: 09:00 PM
How_find_us:   Research
Comments:   Sadly, The USS Saint Paul (CA-73) suffered a turret explosion similar to Newport News but that happened during the Korean War. A dangerous business.

Visitor_Name: George Payanis
Where_From: Bristol CT
Date: 06/02/04   Time: 05:23 PM
How_find_us:   My son found your site while looking for LST 282 my father in-laws ship which landed at Normandy.
Comments:   This web site is a fitting memorial to your ship and those that have served on it. I am extremely touched by your memorial page for the 20 sailors who perished. SA Richard C. Tessman and I were friends in the civilian world and we then joined the navy together. I saw him for the last time in August of 1971. I can remember it as if it were yesterday. He was a great guy. It was good to see his picture once again. It brought back memories of so many good times. 
Bravo Zulu CM1 George Payanis USNR Ret.

Visitor_Name: Scott D. Barrish
Where_From: Tampa, FL
Date: 05/31/04   Time: 04:04 PM
Comments:   Thank you for your service. Sincerely, Scott D. Barrish Nephew of crew member, Joseph Breitweiser, Jr 1971 & 1972

Visitor_Name: Curtis Cooper
Where_From: Erin, Tennessee
Date: 05/25/04   Time: 11:49 PM
How_find_us: Surfing the net.
Comments: I found this site to be wonderful wish I could have it earlier my dad was a crew member from 1950-1954 His name is George P. Cooper also from Erin Tennessee, if anyone remembers him let me know at the above e-mail address..

Visitor_Name: Ralph Atkins
Where_From: Thonotosassa, FL
Date: 05/17/04 Time: 07:29 AM
How_find_us:   Often wondered what happened to the NN so typed it in for search and came up with a lot about this beautiful ship.
Comments:   I was stationed aboard the NN 1956/1959 and was one of those boilermen. A lot of fun but I would believe the most dirty job on board. My condolence goes out to all those during their stint in VN and the tragedy in later years. Sorry to learn that the vessel is no longer alive and active but it will always be a great memory to know I served on her with a great crew.

Visitor_Name: Greg Van Hof
Where_From: Jacksonville, FL
Date: 05/14/04   Time: 07:40 AM
How_find_us:   Just surfed on in
Comments:   I was aboard the Biddle as part of the helo det on the night that the turret blew. Memory fades over the years, but I believe that the NN was doing some interdiction fire just south of Snake Island when the incident occurred. We were running shotgun and covering her back door. Sad day for all sailors.

Visitor_Name: Vincent Hanhold
Where_From: Tarpon Springs, Fl.
Date: 05/09/04   Time: 05:26 PM
How_find_us:   Surfing
Comments:   Served aboard the N.N. from 1948 till 1952 as a SK3. Was a great ship to be on and saw much of the world. Would like to hear from any one who remembers me. A great web site to surf, keep up the good work. Vince. Used to live in Erie, Pa.

Visitor_Name: Drew Warmath
Where_From: Northern Indiana
Date: 04/28/04   Time: 01:07 PM

Comments:   Just looking up some of my father's old ships. He served on Subs most of his career but served on the NN for a short time. If the name Martin "Mickey" Warmath sounds familiar, please feel free to email.

Visitor_Name: Wendy green Placido
Where_From: Paranque,Philippines
Date: 04/17/04   Time: 10:15 AM
lookin'4 my gradfa ww2 ret. mess.sgt. Robert Green
Comments:   Hi everyone! i want to locate my grandfa name Mess. Sgt. Robert Green from aiowa.He was assign. here in tiring santa barbara ilo-ilo ( panay island ).During ww2 my grandma name cely (celestina)while she's pregnant mygrandfa was assign. to okinawa Japan they just came out frm. hospital coz of difficulties in here pregnancy. he gave his address, money papers he said his family will take care of her! But sad to say that day when he left the house some rebels robbed their house! they take everything even document paper! they almost raped my grand ma they just scaped w/ her friend julie. Julie Cango(nurse) his boyfriend name Bill hammer friend of my grandfa. they call my grandfa (statol). any info. about my grandfa pls. email me. my mom turn 57 this april 13 this my gift for her. RoberT"BOB" Green his name email me (Joyce_cute / wendyplacido thank you

Visitor_Name: Dwight Currie
Where_From: Georgia
Date: 04/14/04   Time: 10:50 AM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments:   I was aboard the NN during 70/71. Found the site by chance and Google. It's terrific. I had no idea such a thing existed, but with her history does she not deserve this and much more.

Visitor_Name: Dick Seggerson
Where_From: Lima, OH
Date: 04/05/04   Time: 05:49 AM
How_find_us:   Member
Comments:    Message to Jim (Slim) Whitman. I found the picture and tried to email you but your address (email) is no good anymore - contact me. Segg65 Dick Seggerson, Weapons Office YN3 Just reposting the above in case Slim reads this occasionally

Visitor_Name: TOM JACKSON
WebPage: http://
Where_From: OLD BRIDGE, NJ
Date: 04/04/04   Time: 01:47 PM
How_find_us:   LONGTIME MEMBER
Comments:   This is a great site. One more BUMPER STICKER tale...Took me 25yrs to get the car of my dreams (brand new '88 FORD BRONCO). Front deflector says DAD'S DREAM. Back in '89 I got one of those 4-cornered suction cup signs stating I SPEND IT WHERE I MAKE IT. It has an American flag in the center.I treasure it and proudly display it in my tailgate window. Oh, the bumper. Sorry, but my 1st ship USS CORAL SEA CVB (ASSN) got there 1st and other side is my NJ SR SOFTBALL ASSN sticker. Maybe I need a flip over bumper. Finally...I facetiously expect to be buried at sea in my Bronco (off a ferry). HAPPY SUMMER GUYS and GALS. Tom/FT2.NN 55-57

Date: 04/01/04   Time: 02:06 PM
How_find_us:   Searching for my dad's ship on line.
Comments:   It's great to see pictures of my dad's ship. I have a few I could submit if I could have an address to send them. They are of the USS Newport News CA-148 around 1966.

Visitor_Name: Nardo, Daniel 1LT
Where_From: Boston, MA -USA
Date: 03/29/04   Time: 05:49 PM
How_find_us:   U.S.S. Salem

Visitor_Name: Jerry Jones
Where_From: Orangeburg South Carolina
Date: 03/28/04   Time: 07:18 AM
How_find_us:   Cruiser web site
Comments:   Thanks for a great site, i visit this site a good bit just to look at the pictures of the uss new port news. i was station on destroyers and we saw the Newport News operate in Nam. it was heartbreaking to hear about the tragdey on yall ship. thanks for the sit that remembers those men. god bless

Visitor_Name: Vishal Bhatt
Date: 03/23/04   Time: 03:32 AM
How_find_us:   Google Search Engine
Comments:   I'm still vastly disappointed that H.E. Kimmel's good name has not been exonerated in connection with the Pearl Harbor disaster. An interesting and well put together website. This is the best and most extensive web site I've visited.

Visitor_Name: Art Warmanen AME1 USN Ret.
Where_From: Mount Vernon, Wa
Date: 03/16/04   Time: 06:53 PM
How_find_us:   Search
Comments:   I saw your ship in Subic Bay in 1972. I was on the USS Saratoga CV-60. I always remember what a awesome sight your ship was! Good Website !

Visitor_Name: Donald Dempsey
Where_From: Bradford, Pa.
Date: 03/15/04   Time: 11:16 AM
How_find_us:   Internet Search
Comments:   My Father was onboard the Newport News in the early 50's His name was Bernie Dempsey. He passed away about a year ago and I was wondering if anyone remembers him. He days on the News were some of the happiest times that he always talked about. I found this site and have already ordered hats and shirts to remember him by. Thank You for a wonderful site to bring back memories of my father.

Visitor_Name: R. Leibold
Email: wwiivictory@usa.nwt
Where_From: Fayetteville, Arkansas USA
Date: 03/14/04   Time: 08:51 PM
How_find_us:   Browsing
Comments:   I'm still vastly disappointed that H.E. Kimmel's good name has not been exonerated in connection with the Pearl Harbor disaster. My cousin, C.R. Necessary, is entombed within USS ARIZONA. My wife and I are making a return trip to Pearl Harbor in October. CA-148 is a sleek vessel. However, as a former field hospital corpsman, I volunteered for FMF duty simply to avoid being placed aboard ship, which, in my own perhaps convoluted opinion, is some of the most potentially-hazardous duty available in the U.S. military. Fair winds' to the Kimmel family, to the crew of CA-148, and to all sailors past-and-present.

Visitor_Name: Bob McGhee
Date: 03/13/04   Time: 06:33 PM
Comments: Fairwell Thunder, From Des Moines CA134

Visitor_Name: Donald W. Penlon
Where_From: Medellin, Colombia S.A.
Date: 03/10/04   Time: 01:34 PM
How_find_us:   Google
Comments: I served on USS Newport News 1950-1954. Quatermaster/Nav div.

Visitor_Name: Thomas Lehr
Where_From: Gloversville,New York
Date: 03/10/04   Time: 08:11 AM
How_find_us:   Got lucky
Comments:   Was gunners mate in 5th division from 68-72. Enjoy seeing some familiar names. Looking for old friends.

Visitor_Name: Bob Jones
Where_From: NSW Australia
Date: 03/03/04   Time: 07:47 AM
How_find_us:   Surfed In
Comments:   An interesting and well put together website. Brought back some memories of service with the Grey Ghost in Vietnam in 67/68. Regards Bob Jones ex HMAS Perth (Gunpowder)

Visitor_Name: Virgil Burgess
Where_From: Madera, Ca.
Date: 02/28/04   Time: 04:14 PM
How_find_us: A Friend
Comments:   Was out there on Oct.1 1972 on the USS O'Callhand DE1051 and remember that awful day that took 20 of our shipmates. God bless there families and even now at 53 years old I still remember and still love the navy Virgil Burgess

Visitor_Name: Ronald Huffman
Where_From: KANSAS
Date: 02/27/04   Time: 11:13 AM
How_find_us:   Looked up my old ship, I was on it from 63 thru 67..except for 1 yr in Portsmouth Naval Hospital
Comments:   None really I was just reminded of it last night.. Just brought back some good and bad memories.. But all worth while....Ron

Visitor_Name: Phil Johnson
Where_From: Huntersville,NC
Date: 02/22/04   Time: 07:36 PM
How_find_us:   My sister told me about the site
Comments:   My brother Bob Johnson form Lynchburg, Va served on the ship in 62/63. He passed away 11 years ago of lung cancer. Phil Johnson

Visitor_Name: Chauncey Neubauer
Where_From: BenBrook TX. ( DFW Metroplex )
Date: 02/21/04   Time: 11:05 AM
How_find_us:   Surfing the net
Comments:   I served on board this Great Ship during the 1963-1964 in the OI division. Would like to hear from crewmembers in this division.

Visitor_Name: James P. (Hoff) Hoffhines
Where_From: Douglasville, Georgia
Date: 02/09/04   Time: 10:39 AM
How_find_us:   Yahoo search engine
Comments:   This is the best and most extensive web site I've visited. Because of your website, I discovered my NN best friend, QM3 Bob Goodlin, lived only 5 miles up the road from me in Powder Springs for over 7 years! Since then, we continued having some great times together once Bob picked his jaw off the ground when I first rolled into his driveway. Hey SN John Hofmann from the NN Personnel Office: I've been looking for you. Please contact me. To SN Charles Claypool: I still don't feel comfortable continuing our conversation on how well WestPac was going while we were sitting on the mess decks at about 0100H Oct 1, 1972.

Visitor_Name: Jack Wolfe BMC
Email: JW2543@MSN.COM
Where_From: Billings MT Yellowstone county
Date: 02/06/04   Time: 10:22 AM

I was talking on Amateur radio to A friend and I told him I was on the Newport News for 2 yrs and he reminded me of this site.
Comments:   I reported on the news in Aug. 65 as a BM1 first div. After the yard period I was assigned as the Honor boatswain mate for Admiral Masterson then second fleet. I am in the 1965,1966 ships log . Made first class and became 7 th div. LPO. I Loved every minute of it. Hello ship mates Jack Wolfe BMC RET R

Visitor_Name: Kevin Kyle / GySgt-USMC
Where_From: Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA
Date: 02/02/04   Time: 10:53 AM
How_find_us:   By searching for information about my father and his service.
Comments:   My Father was Darwin L. Kyle (YN3/OR then EX). He served aboard the News from May 1956 through December 1959. He passed away and I am trying to make a shadowbox for my Uncle {Roger M. Kyle / Cpl/USMC, Viet Nam}. If anyone remembers my Father, has pictures, can tell me what YN3/OR or YN3/EX means, or can tell me what pumps were taken during that time so I can order the Cruise Books -- I would greatly appreciate your help. My phone number is 703-784-1179 (Weapons Training Battalion, Quantico, VA)

Visitor_Name: David Holt
Where_From: Tolland, CT.
Date: 01/31/04   Time: 09:06 PM
How_find_us:   Re found after a couple of years
Comments:   I was a 17 teen years old on board. Today I work with people that the worse they ever did was suck their mothers nipple until 21. We were so young then! Please call me anytime. 860-872-1675.

Visitor_Name: Earl J. Santillanes
Email: jem_58@com
Where_From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Date: 01/28/04   Time: 04:43 PM
How_find_us:   web site
Comments:   I served on the USS Providence in Vietnam in 72' it seemed we were always with the "NN" To me it was the saddest day when I went topside and saw the NN with it's turret blowing black smoke. Man when we found out she lost men I was sick. Man to this day that sight still haunts me, I can still see her as if it was yesterday. My condolences to all who served on NN.

Visitor_Name: ERICH UTECHT
Date: 01/26/04   Time: 04:20 AM

Visitor_Name: Bill Gibson
Where_From: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date: 01/25/04   Time: 01:02 PM
Comment::   I was an ag3 with com 2nd fleet aboard from 1965&66. I think it is wonderful that you have taken the time to provide a source for guys like me to look back. Thanks

Visitor_Name: C.D Meadows
Email: none
Where_From: Cleveland Texas
Date: 01/15/04   Time: 04:43 PM
How_find_us:   surf
Comments:   One hell of a ship. we need more like her

Visitor_Name: "Charlie" Rouse
Where_From: Warren, Michigan
Date: 01/14/04   Time: 08:31 PM
How_find_us:   Was looking for ships that was docked next to the USS Boxer LPH-4 in Norfolk, VA in 1962 to 1966 when I left the Navy for home
Comments:   I have built some of the ships that were docked ap pier 4 around 1962 to 1966. I am a member of my ships veterans association and thought if I could get a model of the Newport News that would be "KOOL" I want to wish you guys all the very best in all you do with your great web site and information. Gods Speed. "Charlie" Rouse MM3 U.S. Navy '62 - '66

Visitor_Name: Maria Elisabeth Kelly
WebPage: http://
Where_From: Denmark
Date: 01/08/04   Time: 11:26 AM
How_find_us:   A search for my father!
Comments:   I'm trying to locate my father - Gary Dale Kelly. He served on USS Newport News in 1965 - perhaps he started earlier, but he was definitely aboard in December 1965. (I've found an old photo of him doing a jig with 3 other guys in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, December 1965) He came from Parkersburg in West Virginia, has 2 sisters called Barbara and Kathy , and I would dearly love to get in touch with him or any relatives from the US! My parents got married in Denmark, but moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Unfortunately the marriage didnīt last, so my mother moved back to Denmark, where I was born in 1967. I would be more than grateful for any help/information's to be provided, so if you can help me in any possible way, please don't hesitate to mail me as this seems to be one of the last chances I have to find him ! Yours sincerely Maria Elisabeth Kelly

Visitor_Name: Tom Fish
Where_From: bankok, thailand
Date: 01/07/04   Time: 05:23 PM
How_find_us:   search engine 
Comments:   this site is really cool!

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