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Web Site Map; Showing you what is available and who takes care of each section of our web site.

Welcome to the Awards Page 1
for the
USS NEWPORT NEWS / Heavy Cruiser  CA-148


Like to award your great website our "Australian Memorial Pages Award of Excellence"

Thank You Tibbo, We are Honored

   The Bald Eagle has always been the symbol of America. The eagle is a big,
powerful, and beautiful bird. The eagle has a large hooked beak. Its toes
end in sharp talons, which are strong claws. Its eyes are many times keen than those of a person. The eagle is a Bird of
Prey" - that is, a hunter. The eagle prefers to live in peace but it can
wage war!
  There is a pair of headsets on the eagles head, these headsets symbolizes
the 'ole Army Security Agency's motto "In God we trust, all others we
monitor!" The words "Find, Know and Never Lose the Enemy" are embodied in
the Military Intelligence Creed.
  Combine all these features, you have the  Sigint (Signal Intelligence)

Thank You Sancho

Thank You Mark

Thank You Bill

Thank You Bill

Thank You Kerry

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