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Welcome to the Awards Page 2
for the
USS NEWPORT NEWS / Heavy Cruiser  CA-148

3guard-.jpg (4823 bytes)

Your site is wonderful.


Thank You Donna

In a humble gesture, I give these two awards to the crew members of the USS NEWPORT NEWS.
Most of all, I wish to thank each and every one of them for
their military service.
Your website has "touched my heart".
May angels always sleep on your pillow.
Laura Slayton
Lincoln, Illinois
Webmaster: Veterans for a Change

Thank You Laura

ussnewportnews2-.jpg (12717 bytes)

logotm-.jpg (7710 bytes)
Thank You Laura, and a big thanks from all the vets for all
You do for us and our children.

newportawd.jpg (4926 bytes)

billwel.jpg (7264 bytes)

After going through your site, I would like to present you with my top vet site award.You have done a wonderfull job.


Thank You, Barbara

leeaward-.jpg (6988 bytes)

12stepmain.jpg (3022 bytes)
An Excellant Resource
Thank You, Laura

hhhaward-.jpg (14578 bytes)

Your site touched me deeply. I'm honored for you to have the Healing Hurting Hearts
Award -- for my father, who witnessed Pearl Harbor, and my son who served in the
Gulf -- for an ex-husband who still has his VietNam nightmares and for the father of
my children who served in Viet Nam and died in '96... bless you all in your healing


Thank You again Laura

rtxi.jpg (4087 bytes)
Thank You, Debbie.And all at
Rolling Thunder

Brought together over 150,000 motorcyle riders to ask for the
governments help in finding and returning our POW-MIA's. This year
Rolling Thunder XI was held on May 24, 1998. For most of us, the ride
began in the early dawn hours, as we rode to different locations,
meeting up with more and more friends along the way, until we were all
gathered together at the Pentagon parking lot. The parking area was
full of bikes, thousands of people joined together for one common
goal, to get our message across to the government. At noon we began
to ride out, 3 & 4 abreast, and the roar of the thousands of bikes did
sound like thunder. We rode through Washington DC, to our final
destination, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The streets were lined
with over 350,000 people, from babies, to the very old, all clapping,
cheering, and some openly sobbing, reaching out, to touch our hands,
and our hearts, and to say "Thank You..For Remembering."

newportnewsaward.jpg (68591 bytes)

sig1.jpg (15850 bytes)

Great job guys.
Semper Fi,
"In honor of the all who have served this great nation, in honor of your
shipmates, past and present."

Brad Ryti   

Thank You, Brad

awards1-.jpg (8803 bytes)

awards2-.jpg (12544 bytes)


Quigleys' Down Under

For commitment and dedication to our brothers and

sisters. Who paid the ultimate price

Thank You Steve


The Turret Captain award

In memory of the brave men that were killed
in turret 2 Oct, 1972

May they rest in peace.

Click on the above "Turret Captain Icon" To see the certificate
that goes with this Award.

Thanks to the USS Oakland

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