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Welcome to the "Sound File Collections"

These sound files are from audio tape recordings made many years ago.  They have been converted to MP3 sound file format so you can enjoy them today.  This is an opportunity to go back into the history of our ship and experience the sounds of life aboard the "World's Largest Heavy Cruiser".
The files do not require download and will "stream" to your computer the moment you click the play button.

Please scroll all the way down for access to all sound files.

Dexter Goad

Dexter Goad 1966

Dexter Goad's Sound Files

Sound files recorded and converted to Internet Format by Dexter Goad FTGC/Fox Division.   He served two tours of duty on the NN from 04/1961 to 05/1964 and 11/1966 to 10/1969.

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My Love Of Thunder

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Dexter made and narrated this recording in Oct. 1967, during the first Viet Nam cruise of the USS Newport News.  The recording was done during a Gun Fire Support (GFS) mission and was taped from the sound-powered phone circuit between Plot and the Turrets.   Dexter gives a good description of what is going on.

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Comments from Captain McCarty just after a combat situation on Dec. 1967 where the North Viets were firing at the USS Newport News and the USS McCormick.  The Captain gives detail account of what all happened.  This is a very interesting talk from the Captain.

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The date of this file is Dec 1st, 1967.  Captain McCarty informs the crew of the scheduled strikes for that night with the USS Colette and the HMAS Perth.  The Perth was later hit by coastal defense sites while working with Thunder on another strike.

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This file was recorded from the Spotter Radio Net in March 68 off the DMZ.  It demonstrates the complexity and coordination required between land, sea and air units during a "routine" Gun Fire Support Mission.

Dextor's Sound Page

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There are a lot more sound files for your enjoyment on Dexter Goad's Sound Page At

Operation Lion's Den

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Operation Lion's Den
in History Section

Newt Robinson 1971

Newt Robinson 1971

Operation Lion's Den
27 August 1972

Sound files recorded by Newt Robinson, ICC/E Division - 1971 to Decom
Written permision to post here granted to Gary W. Palmer on April 1, 2011

The following 10 audio tracks cover a gun fire mission of the USS Newport News in Haiphong Harbor, Viet Nam, August 27, 1972.  Newt Robinson recorded this in FWD IC from a speaker that monitored voice traffic on the JL phone circuit.

Thanks to Newt you can experience what a true naval combat mission sounds like from the perspective of several different crew members and departments all performing their duties.   During this mission, the Newport News was threatened by 3 PT boats armed with torpedos.   The outcome of this mission was a success but it could have had a different outcome altogether.

Warning: These recordings are unedited and contain language not suitable for all to hear.   Keep in mind,  the men you hear are all young men doing a job in a time of war and in a combat situation.   This is the REAL DEAL!

Crude Radar Simulation - For Entertainment Only

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CD1 Track 1 - Begining Of Mission - Duration 00:09:42
Introduction by Newt with comments from others present.  The mission starts at 2300 hours with gun firing set to commence at 2320.

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CD1 Track 2 - Guns Commence Fire - Duration 00:09:50
The USS Newport News commences fire on shore targets during this track.  Try to keep count of the rounds fired...   Good luck with that.

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CD1 Track 3 - Guns Continue Fire - Duration 00:09:51
Listen for the identification of radar contacts and their bearings.  In this clip you can hear that T1 is being trained to fire.

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CD1 Track 4 - Mission Continues - Duration 00:09:53
Listen for the report of a high speed radar contact bearing 160, at 8 miles, relative speed of 48 knots.  T2 and mount 52 engage target.

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CD1 Track 5 - PT Boats Identified and Engaged- Duration 00:07:41
Hostile radar contact now at 4 miles, bearing 000.  First identification of frieghter at 330.  Tension builds as reports are given on where NN rounds are hitting relative to the 3 PT boats rapidly approaching.  First report of hit on one.

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CD2 Track 1 - Continued Gun Fire Engagement on 2 Remaining PT Boats - Duration 00:09:54
The remaining 2 PT boats reported at relative bearing 067, 5,100 yards but no longer closing on NN.  One of the destroyers engages PT boats.   Tactical freindly aircraft contacts reported bearing 150 at 25 miles.  Illumination with star shells.

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CD2 Track 2 - Friendly Tactical Aircraft Arriving on Scene - Duration 00:09:57
Flares illuminating area.  Friendly tactical aircraft contacts reported.  Aircraft given permission to fire on one remaining PT boat bearing 038 at 6.25 miles.  First report of spotters seeing flash from 1st PT boat blowing up.

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CD2 Track 3 - Relative Calm After the Storm - Duration 00:09:53
Remaining PT boat at 028 at 5 miles still moving but slow.  Two aircraft still in area, one dropping flares.   Air to surface missle reported.  Two bogies reported at 60 miles to the northwest of NN.

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CD2 Track 4 - NN Outbound After PT Boat Engagement Course 230- Duration 00:09:57
False report about bogies.  Comformation of direct hit by NN on one PT boat, completely destroyed.   Condition YOKE set throughout the ship.

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CD2 Track 5 - Condition Yoke - Combat Condition Over - Duration 00:07:26
Friendly tactical aircraft confirmed to be F4's from USS Midway.  Also earlier contact identified as frieghter confirmed.   Lots of discussion of close call with PT boats and possible torpedos.  Captain Zartman addresses the crew and praises them on a job well done.   Aircraft report only debris left of 3 PT boats.


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