Sunday, August 15 2021

Departed Shipmates

Do you have information regarding the passing of a Shipmate?

Departed-Screenshot.png, Aug 2021

If you have information regarding the passing of a Shipmate please share the information with us so that we can include them on our website at: Departed Shipmates

Please include Name, Years aboard USS Newport News, Rate/Rank, Date & Age of passing. You can fill out the form provided with all the information. The Shipmates will be added as they are received.

Monday, August 9 2021

Added a new page to showcase photos of the USS Newport News CA-148

These photos will be changed out on a regular basis, so check back often.

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Added a 'Useful Links' page

Useful-links.jpg, Aug 2021

A new page was created to highlight 'Useful Links'

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BLOG link added to the USS Newport News website menu

Screenshot2.png, Aug 2021

I have added a link to our BLOG in the main menu of the USS Newport News website.  […]

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Sunday, August 8 2021

Welcome to the USS Newport News (CA-148) BLOG

nn-patch-small.png, Aug 2021

Yet another way for Shipmates to stay informed about the happenings regarding the USS Newport News (CA-148)

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